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Monday, October 15, 2012

Where were you 24 years ago today?

There are a few events that occur in time when we all remember exactly where we were  and what we were doing.

I was working on the Southern Border, early in my career with U.S. Customs.  Stuck in the Imperial Valley in the middle of the desert, fortunately, I was off work that evening and was able to watch the game at home in my El Centro, CA apartment.  I was bouncing my 2 year old daughter on my lap when Gibson’s homer was deposited into the Right Field Pavilion.  The ball would disappear from sight and never be claimed again.   I tossed her to the sky and caught her as she let out a playful laugh.  Living in a small city with very few friends that had strong Dodger allegiances, I took in the moment alone, knowing full well that it was the most amazing Dodger moment I had witnessed in history.

So my question is: where were you on that fateful October day?  October 15, 1988.

Photo of my daughter, Angela, (with my son), on her wedding day back in 2010.  Yes, it has been 24 years folks.  She was two years old at the time of the Gibson shot, she's 26 today.  My son, wasn't born for another 6 months.

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  1. I was home watching the game, feeling sorry for myself as it looked like the game was gone. At first i couldn't believe it although I was encouraged when Mike Davis walked.