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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fellow Blogger interviewed by MLB.com, take a look at Crzblue

Emma Amaya, fellow blogger, my friend from message board posting days, Vero Beach trips, and our catcher on the Opinion of Kingman's Performance softball team (from last February) was interviewed at MLB.com for a full ten minute spot.  Take a look at this clip.  She's a great interview and as loyal a Dodger fan as can be.  LINKED HERE  I thoroughly enjoyed this interview.

OKP teammates Jane, Emma and Patrick at Feb. Bloggers Softball Tournament event.

Team photo

Unfortunately we couldn't get the team together for the second Blogger's Tourney that was held a few weeks ago.  Hopefully there'll be another one this coming February.  Anyone interested in playing the next go-round, please drop me an email at : OpinionofKingmansPerformance@gmail.com.

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  1. Thanks Evan! Mark from MLB asked us who wanted to be interviewed. Many of us responded. I forget who Benny told me that called him asking him if he knew me :-).
    I could not participate in the last Dodger blogger tourney as I did not want to miss the Dodger game but I am interested in the next one.