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Monday, October 29, 2012

Three Dodgers Options Declined Less than 24 Hrs. After End of World Series

The only thing surprising about the Dodgers declining the options of Juan Rivera, Todd Coffey and Matt Treanor was the speed of it.  Less than 24 hours after the final out of the World Series, all three were let go.  They were simply expendable and the Dodgers were able to save over $7 million by taking them off the books.  Clearing an additional three people off the 40 man roster was a significant development too.
Matt Treanor's option declined.
Matt Treanor’s .175 batting average and awful second half doomed his future with the team.  He went a full two months without collecting a hit during the pennant stretch.  It’s a shame too because there was no better team guy than Treanor this year.  The story of his wife winning the Olympic gold was one of the top “feel good” stories on the team this year.  Hearing Misty May yell “Go Dodgers!” in the NBC microphones after every volleyball win was pretty cool too.  Unfortunately Matt’s skills have eroded significantly.  I think it’ll be tough for him to find a Major League job next year.   It is time to allow Tom Federowicz to get a chance in the majors.  The Trayvon Martin  Robinson trade might actually result in two players on the Major League roster this year with Stephen Fife and Fed-Ex.
Todd Coffey underwent season ending TJ Surgery.
Todd Coffey’s Tommy John surgery ensured that his option wouldn’t be picked up by the Dodgers.  Another team player adn good club house presence.  Coffey remained a loyal Dodger all the way to the end as evidenced by his Tweets that rejoiced over late season Dodger victories.  Hopefully he can comeback somewhere and his career isn’t over.
Juan Rivera's struggled for most of the 2012 campaign.
Juan Rivera was an overall disappointment this year.  His .244 average and lack of significant power came to hurt the club down the stretch run.  By the end of the year, Rivera had been relegated to a 4th and 5th outfielder role and was hardly needed.  There simply is no place for him on next year’s team.  Juan’s career may be over.  There doesn’t seem to be much of a market for an aging outfielder/first baseman with declining numbers in all offensive categories.
So here we are, 24 hours after the end of the World Series and 3 moves were already made.  Reports are that Colletti is attempting to ink Brandon League to a three year deal.  With Matt Guerrier having landed a 3 year/$12 million deal back before the 2011 season, we can count on League being offered something higher than that.  With League taking over the closer's role in a pennant race in a high profile city, is it possible that he'll test the free agent market for even bigger dollars?


  1. The speed of these moves shouldn't be surprising to you at all, Evan. As I mentioned in my Free Agency 101 post, teams have from 9 AM on the day following the last game of the World Series until 11:59 PM on the fifth day after the last game of the World Series to decide whether or not they wish to re-sign their free agents. This is referred to as the "Quiet Period" when other teams are not permitted to make contact with pending free agents.

    In my opinion, announcing their intentions not to re-sign free agents early in the Quiet Period shows class, as it allows these guys to get a head start on trying to hook up with another team and/or puts them on the radar quickly for other teams that may be interested in them.

    I believe that Treanor and Rivera will be signed by another team (or Treanor may accept an invite to Dodgers spring training - if he is willing to accept a MiLB contract, that is), but Coffey will probably have a little more difficulty finding a team interested in him.

  2. Pretty sure Trayvon Martin was never in the Dodger organization. Perhaps Trayvon Robinson?

    1. Thanks for catching that...correction to be made.