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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Giants Celebrate, What Should We Do? How About Sign Freddy Sanchez?

Yes, this off-season is awful.  It is what it is though.  The Giants are a great team and now with two trips to the Fall Classic in three seasons they have to be considered as a team that could be seen in the history books as a potential dynasty.  The team in orange and black has hit on all cylinders.  On the verge of elimination for two consecutive series, they have come back and won six straight “elimination” games.  They should lose the first three to Detroit so they can start playing their best baseball.

I worked a late shift at San Francisco Airport and didn’t get off shift until 2:00 AM.  SFO had lit up the Airport in Orange lights.  The city is going bananas.

If I had to pick a team to win the Series, on paper I’d say it would be the Tigers with their superior offense, Verlander, Sherzer et al on the pitching staff, and the fact that they are well rested.  This time Jim Leyland has kept them sharp by having them play intra-squad games against minor leaguers that came up from Lakeland to keep them sharp.  But the Giants, what can we say? Wow!  Talk about playing well with your back against the wall.  This team is playing as well as any team that I can remember.


Each year the Dodgers snatch up a few scraps from other clubs, often signing them to minor league contracts and hoping they’ll latch on and be productive Dodgers.  Jamey Wright was one this year.  Luis Cruz was another success story.   There have been tons of failures in this category, but every once in a while a gem shines through, such as Jose Lima in 2004 or Luis Cruz this year.

My suggestion for this coming year would be taking a flyer on Freddy Sanchez of the Giants.

Sanchez is coming off of an injury plagued 2011 due to a shoulder separation and missing this entire year with an ailing back that required surgery.  He’ll be 34 this year and for a minimal deal, why not give him a shot at making the roster.? A Burbank High star, former batting champion and 3 time all star, Sanchez grew up a Dodger fan.  This is a potential feel good story that would allow a native Los Angeleno the opportunity to finish his baseball career as a Dodger on a team that is on the cusp of winning big next year.  Hey, he might not even make the roster, but then again, Mark Ellis was certainly not injury free this year and Cruz has had one productive major league season, and we know the league will make adjustments to the free swinging Cochito.

When I say the Dodgers are on the cusp of winning big next year, it is hopeful enthusiasm.  The changes made did not start paying dividend until the final 12 games of the season when the ball club started gelling.  The moves were made too late in the season and the Dodger simply ran out of games.  This ownership group will not rest until a true winner is in place.  There are so many questions about next years roster and a lot has to fall into place on the injury front for things to work out, but these owners will not sit back and let the Giants dominate the league without a fight.  Money will not be an impediment.  I truly believe that we will look back 12 months from now and forget this awful feeling of watching our rivals celebrate a championship again because we will be watching the boys in blue battling for a World Series title.


  1. As much as I would love nothing more than to see one of my fellow Burbank High alumni in Dodger Blue, Freddy Sanchez has been injured for nearly his entire MLB career and signing him would be an absolute disaster, not to mention a HUGE gamble.

    At 34, the former NL batting champ is clearly on the down side of his career and would be nothing more than a roadblock for Dodger prospects like Rafael Ynoa, Scott Wingo and Corey Seager (yes, Harold, I still see Corey as a 2B).

    In my opinion, Sanchez is no better than Jerry Hairston Jr., Elian Herrera or Josh Fields as a utility player - and probably worse.

    1. He may turn out to be a second baseman. My preference would be 3B. He is listed at 6'3" or 6'4" depending on the source and 195 pounds as an eighteen year old. When he fills out, he should put on another twenty pounds or so at least. Just think physically he is more suited to 3B. He has a strong SS arm, so a strong 3B arm. Projects as 20/25 home run guy so I would like the strong corner guy that we have wanted for so long.

      Jesmuel Valentin, also 18, second pick in 2012, projects as a second baseman. 5"10", switch hitter.

  2. Maybe, but at a minor league contract, what's there to lose? We aren't going to see Ynoa, Wingo and Seager for a few years anyway. With all the injuries this year, I think we all saw that there was a need to dig deep into the farm system for players and the well was rather dry after a few were pulled out. I don't propose that Sanchez be signed long term and to a hefty contract. I propose that he comes in on a minor league deal and we'll see if he's healthy. If he is, it's a good sign, if not, he gets his walking papers.

  3. I just don't want any more Giant castoffs. We have to get over being a dumping ground for Sabean.