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Friday, October 26, 2012

Tweeting Carl Crawford

After today’s press conference that introduced Carl Crawford to the media, he sat down and answered some questions from fans on Twitter.  Below is what I cut and pasted.  Questions that Crawford answered today.  Due to lack of time, there will be limited editing.  For those that don’t know Twitter formats, you’re kind of out of luck.   (Welcome to the 21st Century!) I think you'll get the gist of it though.

Carl Crawford is sitting down for an impromptu #DodgerChat. Send us your questions for Carl. 

@Dodgers what was your reaction when the trade happened? 

@REDC9 I was really suprised, shocked really. I couldn't believe that I was leaving Boston. But happy to be with the Dodgers. 

Have you tried a California burrito yet? 

.@jeffharness4 No, is this something people in Twitterland think I need to try? 

Thanks for your questions. I'm so happy to be part of this historic franchise with such great fans. Follow me at @CarlCrawford_

@Dodgers Carl tell us more about yourself? Childhood? Family? Kids? Where were you born? Favorite color, animal, movie, food? 

@dodgers94 I only have 140 characters! 

@Dodgers #DodgerChat How's the arm doing?

.@Jtshudo Rehab is going well, ahead of schedule. Trying to make it back by spring training and be stronger than ever. 

@Dodgers @CarlCrawford_ what's going to be the biggest adjustment for you going from AL to NL?

.@nickgrodo Learning everybody, the new pitchers, and the new fields. I'm going to try my best to learn as quickly as possible. 

All photographs were posted by the Los Angeles Dodgers on Twitter.
CarlCrawford_ greets fans at today's Select-A-Seat event. Be here tomorrow for our Season Ticket Open House.

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