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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dusty in a Familiar Spot Again / On Dodger Front - "Eli" Gets an Interview with Bosox

The Giants are showing some heart,  I hate to say it, but it’s the truth.  In an NLDS, the Reds have the home field “disadvantage” as they play the deciding game number five at the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati tomorrow afternoon, we might quite possibly see a series where the visiting ball club goes 5-0.

It has been 31 consecutive years that Dusty Baker has been involved in MLB since he won a World Series championship with the Dodgers, and he continues to seek that second title.  He came close as a player again with the Dodgers, as a manager with the Giants, Cubs and now he has the mantle of the Reds.  Maybe another championship is just not in the cards for Dusty.  Over the years I have questioned his managerial strategies and  his penchant to favor vets over prospects.  Here he is again, on the verge of advancing, having three opportunities to eliminate the Giants.  I hope his Reds can get it done tomorrow.

I just read an interesting “tweet” from Jaime Jarrin after today’s game.  Translated from Spanish to English it reads as follows: “Watching on TV I get the impression that Dusty Baker is more worried and nervous than his big headed counterpart Bochy about tomorrow’s game at Cincy.”  

I know, Jarrin simply made an observation, but it was an observation that I had also, (I also agree that Bochy has an abnormally huge head).  Dusty has that deer in the headlights look that he had after losing game 6 of the 2002 World Series against the Angels.  I don’t recall how he looked in the NLCS in Chicago after losing the Bartman game, but I’m fairly certain the lack of confidence was there also.  Baker has been in this position before, several times, and each time his ball club has come up short.

Before complete panic sets in the Queen City, it’s important to remember that the Reds put Giant killer Mat Latos back on the mound, which is good news for them.  They’ll need him to put up a series of goose eggs to compete with Giant ace Matt Cain.  I predict that tomorrow’s matchup will be a low scoring, 1-run game.  Perhaps a 2-1 final.  I’m hoping it is the Reds on top, but a Giant win would not be surprising.  Man, I hate the Giants.


It was announced today on the Dodger website that Tim Wallach is in line to interview for the Red Sox managerial job.  I could see Tim excelling in a pressure packed environment like Boston.  He’s the polar opposite of Bobby Valentine in demeanor and it would be a good situation for a guy like Wallach.  He is a “players” manager.  You know he won’t do stupid things like embarrass his players in the press and there really isn’t anyplace for the Red Sox to go but up.

There are those Dodger fans that know next to nothing about the game that are saying he needs to go, and they base that on a few decisions he made sending runners while he was third base coach.  What many don’t realize is that Tim groomed many of the Dodgers regulars while managing at Albuquerque and then later at the Major League level coaching.  Eli has been a great organizational guy and losing him will be a big loss, but you always wish a stand-up guy like Wallach the best when interviewing for a Major League manager position.  Especially in a fantastic city like Boston where he’d get the chance to manage a storied franchise.

God luck Tim! 

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