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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Few Things to Ponder

It is reported yesterday that the San Francisco Giant are not listing Melky Cabrera's name on T-shirts and memorabilia that includes the names of player on the 2012 roster.  Hmmnnm interesting.  Larry Baer, Team President claims they are distancing themselves from the player.  How about this Larry?  Take the wins off your record in all the games he participated in.
To no one's surprise, Baseball America named Mike Trout the A.L. Rookie player of the years.  To some people's surprise, Trout was also named the AL Player of the year over Miguel Cabrera.  That kid had an amazing season and will be a superstar for years to come.
Recent rumors that the Dodgers may be interested in the expensive and unproductive contract years that remain in Alex Rodriguez' contract.  I know this ownership group has a lot of money, but haven't they taken on enough stupid contracts from AL East teams?  Take a pass on ARod unless the Yankees agree to pay 80% of the remainder of what's owed.  Oh, and by the way, Rodriguez can't even crack the starting lineup of the Yankees playoff games.  That should tell us enough.

When Matt Holliday plowed into Giant second baseman Marco Scutaro in Monday's action, how many thought of the Mark Ellis collision that occurred when Cardinal Tyler Greene slid into him?  What is it with the Cardinals and their "aggressive" play?  Is it "aggression" or "dirty" play?  It can be argued that both slides happened beyond the second base bag.  Awfully late in my opinion.

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