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Friday, June 29, 2012

Yes, Another Scoreless Streak Starts Up Again

I always wondered what it would be like to write about a team that is a cellar dweller.  Like the Kansas City Royals or the Pittsburgh Pirates.  How difficult would it be to keep a positive spin on things?  There are bloggers that do such a thing.  I seriously don’t think I can, and that questions my loyalty as a fan.

Mets celebrate (photo by Reed Saxon/AP)
Writing on the Dodgers now isn’t fun.   Frankly, it can become a chore.  Posting a player of the game in the right corner is an exercise in futility because nobody is having good games. I don’t like to be negative, I really don’t, but I have to keep things real.  The guys are embarrassing themselves.  They are putrid.  They stink to high heaven.  
You can’t sugarcoat fertilizer.  Fertilizer is what it is.  Every time I think the Dodgers have hit rock bottom, they prove me wrong and show that it is possible for things to get worse.  Tonight’s 9-0 win is proof of that.  And the Dodgers have now started another scoreless innings string.  They have scored in one inning over the last 48 or so.  (I’m not sure what the number is and I’m disgusted enough to not even look it up).
The Puig signing raised my spirits yesterday, even if scouts from other teams and pundits from several publications (i.e. Baseball America, ESPN), bashed the move and said we overpaid and over estimated the kid’s talents.  I’ll keep my trust in Logan White and his track record.  If Logan says Puig is a 5 tool guy, I believe it.  If White scouted and interviewed the kid and walked away impressed, that’s fine.  

Speaking of hefty first year player signings, the Dodgers announced that they paid about $300K over slot it ink first round pick Corey Seager today.  The high schooler will probably be reporting to Rookie ball in Ogden, UT after appearing at Dodger Stadium tomorrow for a visit to the big club and a photo op.
Rumors are circulating that Garrett Gould is on the block and will be traded to Houston for Carlos Lee.  Lee, with only 4 homers this year, all in that bandbox known as Minute Maid Park, has more homers than Uribe and Loney combined.  On a normal year that would be impressive, but this isn’t a normal year and Lee’s pop may be a thing of the past.   “El Caballo” is 36 years old and his defense has made him destined for a DH role in the American League.  Lee may turn down the deal and if he is undecided, that’s enough for me.,  We don’t need players that don’t want to be Dodgers.  We have been down that road before and it’s not pretty.  With about 25-30% of the league from the southland, you would think we could acquire someone that wants to be a Dodger and contend for post season play.  Meanwhile this club trudges on and some players appear to be on the mend.

Mark Ellis upended in collision with Tyler Greene, that caused his current leg injury. (photo by Harry Howe/Getty Images)
Mark Ellis will begin a 4-5 game rehab stint starting tomorrow, and that’s a good thing.  Ellis has been missed and his return will make a difference.  Not only with his quality play but his leadership and calming influence.  It can be argued that Ellis is the 2nd most valuable Dodger.
As for the most valuable Dodgers, why the Dodgers keep discussing Kemp and his participation in the All Star game Home Run Derby is disturbing to me.  I addressed it in a www.ThinkBlueLA.com post I had a few weeks back.  Mattingly commented today that the HR Derby has been worked into Kemp’s workout regimen.  The event must be important to Kemp, and that’s fine that he takes pride in being the team captain and all, but please, it is what it is.  A showcase to see who can hit the most lolly-pop BP pitches into the seats.

Well, as I write this from a flea bag hotel in Eureka, CA on another remote work assignment, I'll revert to the old cliche that "Tomorrow's another day," and perhaps the fortunes of the blue crew will change.  The current 6 game losing skid is a season worst and Nathan Eovaldi is due to get a win.  Never mind that the Dodgers face Mets ace Johan Santana.  Ugh!  It is possible for this thing to get uglier isn't it?

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