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Saturday, June 2, 2012

6-2 Win in Denver Stops Dodger Losing Streak at Five

Bobby Abreu connects with a solo home run in the 6th inning at Denver (photo courtesy of  Fox Sports, Prime Ticket)

I noticed something in today’s Dodger win.  There was a turning point.  A moment where the confidence level of the team turned.  We haven’t seen it for several days, but the expectations that this team has for victory returned today, and I saw it here:
5th inning, Dodgers lead 4-1.  Colorado has loaded the cases following a hit and two walks surrendered by Aaron Harang.
  • Carlos Gonzalez pops out in foul territory to third baseman Elian Herrera.
  • Michael Cuddyer grounds into a forceout to second baseman Adam Kennedy.
I’ll admit it.  As Carlos Gonzalez walked up to the plate, my thought process was “Donnie, forget about Harang getting the ‘win,’ get him out of there.  He’s lost it.  You can’t be walking guys at Coors Field and survive.”  
Something happened though, Harang reached inside and started pitching like a mad man.  The spirit and excitement on the Dodger bench was palpable after he retired the side.  This team that has been hanging it’s collective head since Matt Kemp went down for the second time suddenly came to life.
The bats came alive in the 6th inning as Abreu hit his first Dodger homer and Ethier doubled followed by an Adam Kennedy RBI single.  Harang retired the side without incident in the 6th.  And the Rockies had another challenge in the 7th against the bullpen, but the Dodger first place swagger had returned.  Javy Guerra was relieved by Scott Elbert who on one pitch induced a double play grounder off the bat of Carlos Gonzalez.
The losing string is over.  We'll see if this is the start of a positive streak.

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