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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Losing Streak is Over, Offensive Woes Continue

Chris Capuano is now 9-2 on the season. (photo by Chris Carlson/AP)
The Dodgers broke their 4 game losing skid with a 3-1 win over the Angels today.  Dee Gordon singled, tripled, stole a key base and score 2 of their 3 runs on the day.  Chris Capuano won his ninth game and increased his chances to be named to the N.L. All Star squad.  Kenley Jansen retired the side in order in his first action of the seek, recording his 12th save on the year.
Once again, the Dodger offense was practically non-existent.  It’s a concern and something that won’t be remedied anytime soon.  
The Juan Uribe experiment should be over.  Facts are facts.  This guy shouldn’t be a major league player anymore.  He can’t hit, simple as that.  He bails out on every pitch.    You used to be able to live with the poor average and awful on base percentage because he’d provide an occasional home run.  Now the power is gone.  If you want to speed up the game, just start Uribe with an 0-2 count because that’s where he’ll be after two pitches.
The Adam Kennedy experiment should also be over.  Aside from three consecutive games this year where he had a bunch of knocks, he has been awful.  His uppercut swing is like fishing for hits in the dark.  His better days are behind him.  You plug that name in a lineup and you might as well throw an automatic 0 for 4 in there.
With rumors abound of a possible Kevin Youkilis grab, or a Carlos Lee acquisition.  Either player would be an improvement to this anemic Dodger offense.  James Loney’s career in a Dodger uniform should be over.  I have always been in James’ corner throughout his career, but I’m convinced he’ll never become the hitter we hoped he would become.  At best, he is Mark Grace in a poor Mark Grace season.   There is no pop in his bat.  Even his line drives die in the infield.  Too many times we see him bang into a double play in a key moment.  Do you ever remember James with a game winning hit?  I never ever recall the team pummeling him into submission after a game winning at bat, that’s because it has never happened.  A change of scenery might do Loney some good, especially if it’s to his hometown in Houston.
I know many are clamoring for Chad Billingley to be dealt, but he is what he is right now, a 5th starter.  With his current salary, there is no dealing him without eating most of his contract.  New ownership may be able to do that, but let’s not forget that Chad has pitched well as little as a few starts ago.   He’s probably the most frustrating pitcher they’ve had in quite some time.  The sinker needs to be abandoned and he needs to trust his other stuff.  Unfortunately, I don’t see it happening.  Yesterday was a first for a while in not holding a lead.  Usually he’s working from behind.  Regardless, Bills is suffering from a crisis of confidence and his problem continues to be between the ears. 

High fives in the dugout for Gordon after he triples and scores on Jerry Hairston single in the sixth inning. (Photo by Chris Carlson/AP)
Those are the four that are really struggling and possibly should be jettisoned from this team.  Uribe and Kennedy are untradeable, both release material.  Loney and Bills could be trade fodder though we’re probably looking at eating some salary in the Billingsley case.  I was hopeful that this club would remain in first place until Kemp returns from the D.L., but Frisco is playing well now and the Dodgers happen to be heading into Phone Bill Park on Monday.  A win in the final game at Anaheim would do wonders for the team’s confidence.  This is a big start for Aaron Harang.

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