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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Memorabilia, Signings and Trades

Greg Zakwin Over at Plaschke Thy Sweater is Argyle noted that he and Roberto from VSIMHB traded some awesome All Star Game Relic cards recently.  Greg also mentioned that he looks forward to seeing Roberto at the Softball Tournament organized by the Left Field Pavilion blog.  This whole thing about trades and the softball tournament got me to thinking.  Maybe now is the time to work out a few roster tweaks and trades.  I’ll post my roster and perhaps make a few deals.  Maybe I can get a few pieces of memorabilia in exchange for my son,who thinks he can play second base.  Oops, looks like I tipped my hand on that one.   And speaking of baseball memorabilia...

Clayton Kershaw signs at Camelback Ranch
For those of you in the Houston area, or willing to travel there.  Tristar Productions is hosting an event that will include Dodger Starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw and former Dodger Hall of Famer, Don Sutton.  Additionally virtually every famous Houston related athlete will also be present and Joe Montana to boot.  I seriously considered traveling out there for this event because I have a sneaking feeling that the Kershaw and Sutton lines may be a little shorter than the others.  Unfortunately, getting the time off of work is difficult, plus the expense of the entire trip are a little beyond my budget.

I see that Tristar is coming up to my neck of the woods in Frisco in April, but no announcement has been made on who will attend.  A bunch of Giants, 49ers and Raiders most likely, but once in a while there is a nice surprise.  Last year it was supposed to be Johnny Bench.  But rumor has it he was too hung over to attend last year.  

I repeat it again as I have in the past.  I should be too old for this kind of stuff, I know that.  And whenever I tell myself that I am, I get reeled in to the lure of the autograph shows and the next thing I know, I plan to attend them.  I find that there are two types of fans when it comes to memorabilia, photos and autographs.  1) Those like my OLDER brother and I that eat up this stuff and collect all the memorabilia that they can, and 2) Those that don’t give a rip about it.
I wish I could say I was in group number 2, but I can’t.  I’m a number 1 guy big time.  And it doesn’t matter that I was a grown adult who was married and had kids already when Clayton Kershaw was born.  I know that a guy like Kershaw probably looks at an old guy like me and thinks, “Grow up old man, this is for kids!”  But there I am, standing in lines and trying to get something signed.  I’ve got to latch on to a more respectable hobby.
Did I miss something?  I don’t think I’m too far off base when I say that SEC quarterbacks are not too impressive.  That had to be one of the worst NCAA National Championship football games ever seen.


Hue Jackson fired by the Raiders this morning.  Al's gone...some things don't change.


  1. That's neat what they're doing for the baseball players. But there isn't really anything wrong with wanting to get an autograph. Memories are the greatest thing anyone can own.

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