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Saturday, January 28, 2012

An Active Week in Dodger Related News

It’s has been an active week and will be an eventful weekend. Quite a bit has gone on in Dodgerland for a late January. 
Getting top billing is the Dodger ownership transfer process.  The Dodger ownership bids moved forward, with the elimination of some worthy bidders.  Discussed by Chad Moriyama and Jon Weisman.

the Annual SABR DAY events are in full swing,
word is out that the Dodgers were in on the Prince Fielder derby, covered here by Eric Stephen.
Dustin Nosler's take on Hiroki Kuroda coming forward and subtley stating he wished he could have remained a Dodger is linked here.

Kershaw got the Warren Spahn Award and Kemp and Kershaw are being honored by the Negro League Hall of Fame Legacy Awards.
Scott Andes at Lasorda’s Lair writes an open letter to the next Dodgers owner.
So with all this news and so much going on, I get to spend the weekend with a list of “Honey Do’s” to complete.  Clean out the garage, install some plywood sheeting in the attic, do some yard work, and general pre-spring cleaning tasks.  There isn’t enough time in this life for me to ever complete all the tasks at hand. 
As I start getting ready for a long day ahead of menial tasks with the hope that I can wrap them up before dark, I can’t help but  wonder:
“How is it that Colletti could muster up the courage to offer Prince Fielder a multi-million dollar deal for seven years that surpassed Kemp money, but refused to kick in an extra two or three million to keep Kuroda?”
That is completely insane.  Now where is my freaking mop?  I gotta clean the garage floor.

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