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Monday, January 9, 2012

Why We Are Hated

Have you ever wondered if opposing fans hate the Dodgers more than other teams?Why the vitriol for the Dodgers and Dodger fans?   It could be Frisco, San Diego, Philly or New York.  The Dodgers seem to be hated more than most teams.  I was counting up the years I have lived away from Los Angeles now and as a baseball fan, I believe I have been away from my home town now for 24 years.  I have probably seen the Dodgers in person wearing road duds more than I have watched them in the home whites.  Be it San Fran., Arizona, New York, Houston, Oakland, San Diego.  The Dodgers are not well liked.
Living here in Giant country, I have conducted my own informal study as to why fans of other teams have a particular disdain for the team donning a uniform with Red, White and Blue on it.  At work, I know a lot of fans here that are transplanted from other locations.  So I asked around and got a lot of interesting answers.  
I can categorize the answers under various headings or topics.  They are the following:
*jealousy of Southern California weather and the fact that they probably don’t have it.  
*perception that Dodger fans are an arrogant fan base. 
*perception that Dodger fans are unknowledgeable and band wagon in nature.
*hatred of Tommy Lasorda.
*perception that fan base in violent.
*perception that fan base in phony, artificial
*dislike of “Hollywood” image that team has and some players have.
*claim that Dodger fans are hypocrites.
*perception that players are phony and soft
*angry that Dodger fans fill their ball park when on the road.
Below are some of the answers they gave that I recorded.  Please note, I rarely agree with these answers and could easily argue with a lot of the logic that was used by some.  In the end, I let them go on and I didn’t debate or refute anything.  As you can see, some guys went on and on and on.
Brad (Giants fan): “The Dodgers have the most clueless fan base in baseball, bar none.  They don’t understand the game.  They come late and leave early.  More band wagon fans follow the Dodgers than any other team.”

Tom (Reds fan):  “It’s Tommy Lasorda and that pompous attitude he always had.  For years he’d say things like,‘you won’t got to heaven, if you don’t root for the Dodgers.’ And he talked a lot of smack about the Big Red machine in the 70’s.  I mean, it was total disrespect, we had won back to back championships in ’75 and ’76 and he entered the next season telling everyone how much better the Dodgers were.  I really enjoyed watching them lose the that Yankee team that we swept the next two years in the World Series.”
Ron (Giants fan):  “Bryan Stow. Enough said!” 

Hector (Yankee fan):  “Dodger fans are dumb, and unoriginal.  They aren’t knowledgeable.  They chant “Yankees Suck” and then they cheer like mad when they get a lame wave going around the stadium.  I hate Dodger fans.”
Joseph (Giants fan): “It’s the arrogance of their fans that drives me crazy.  They have sucked for so long, but their fans act like they won the World Series year after year.  What has it been now? 30 years since they won it?”
Alan (Rockies fan): “I hate the Dodgers.  Their fans are all gang bangers and arrogant.  They think they are God’s gift to baseball.  They are not.  Dodger Stadium sucks.  Dodger fans are mouthy cowards.

Jim (Giants fan): “I hate the Hollywood factor with the Dodgers.  Everything about them is plastic.  The Stadium and the stupid strobe lights, celebrity managers like Lasorda and Torre that really just care about their image.  The pretty boy players they have had like Garvey, Piazza, Hershiser, players like that.  Garvey turned out to be a phony that doesn’t pay his bills and Piazza doesn’t even want to go into the Hall as a Dodger. Hershiser is such a Dodger homer on ESPN that I couldn’t even listen.   Everything about that organization is fake, and the fans...don’t even get me started.”
Robert (Padres fan):  “Their fans come into our ball park and take it over.  I have to hand it to them, that is commendable, but it doesn’t make me happy.  It just makes me hate them more than ever.”
Rudy (D-Backs fan): “The Dodger fans now have a reputation of violence more than other teams fans.  It’s almost like they’re Raiders fans now.  They come to Chase Field and try to intimidate us in our home ball park.  There’s nobody I love beating more than the Dodgers.  I have nothing against their players though.”
Bernie (Mets fan): “The Dodgers are soft.  Always have been.  They play in a pristine ball park with perfect weather.  Hell, they even have an announcer that never makes a mistake.  That’s why I hate ‘em.  Everything is too perfect.  The weather, the stadium, the announcer, the pretty movie stars sitting behind home plate.  Sickening.  I have no respect for them.  They don’t play in rough weather, with tough crowds in difficult circumstances.  Even their press don’t give them a hard time like Boston, New York or Philly.  Back East, if you don’t perform, the fans, media and even team management will make life miserable for the players.  I heard that Manny Ramirez liked it in L.A. because he could go out in public and not be bothered.  What kind of fan base would ignore a super star like Ramirez?  They simply have no passion and don’t care about their team.”
Henry (Giants fan): “They bashed us for years about Bonds and steroids, and the whole time they had guys like Kevin Brown and Gagne that were juicing.  And then Manny came along.  What a bunch of hypocrites!  I hate the Dodgers!  For years I respected them because they outplayed our great teams in the 60s with inferior talent.  You can’t tell me that a lineup with punch and Judy hitters like Wills, Davis, Fairly and Roseboro were better than Mays, McCovey, and Cepeda.  But they’d somehow beat us all the time.  I couldn’t hate Koufax, but it was easy to hate Drysdale.  Now, things are different.  Their fans are just stupid and unknowledgeable.”
Duane (Braves fan): “I never liked the Dodgers because they used to beat our brains out in the 70s and most of the 80s.  Then I really started to hate them when we got good in the 90s and everyone still talked about the Dodgers.”
Joe (Pirates fan): "I don't hate L.A., but they usually beat our ass.  But so does everybody so I can't spend my whole life hating every team that beats our ass, otherwise I'd spend my whole life hating everyone.  Go Steelers!" 

Rich (A’s fan): “I f#@$ing hate Kirk Gibson.”


  1. It's crazy how just a few knuckleheads can change the image of the Dodger fan base.

    I'm a Dodger fan that has never shouted or fought with an opposing fan. I never arrive to the games late and I never leave early.

    But that's just the way it is.

  2. A lot of these opinions are based on stereotypes of Dodger fans. They paint us with a broad brush. I also like how there are various reasons to dislike us. It is better than being a Pirate or a Padre fan, where nobody has an opinion on you.

    I also like to have negative stereotypes about giant fans. I hate them so much. There disgusting fan base. They arrogant, bitter and pseudo intellectuals that only care about baseball when there isn't a poetry reading to attend or a tree to hug.

    Aren't stereotypes grand?

  3. The Bryan Stowe incident has brought to the forefront a problem that has been brewing for a long time and that is increased violence and a mob mentality that has increased amongst a lot of the fan base at Dodger Stadium. I tend to agree with those comments somewhat.

    The stereotypes about arriving late and leaving early will always be thrown our way. In San Francisco, fans don't show up until the 2nd or 3rd inning often too. And if the Gnats are losing, the place empties early. But nobody seems to mention it.

  4. The anger and mob mentality is a generational difference among Dodger fans. I understand the angst. I was born in 1983 and haven't seen a lot of postseason success. I was 5 in 1988. There is a segment of the Dodger faithful that is pissed and takes it out on opposing fans. The Bryan Stow incident is the extreme. But, it is mostly trash talk, which I think is no big deal. Some Dodger fans need to stop being so soft and realize yelling and booing opposing fans is a new part of Dodger culture.

  5. Agree, but there are lines that can't be crossed. Fans have to leave the profanity out of the equation and throwing food and drinks on opposing fans because they are simply cheering on their team is a line I have seen crossed more than once. Dodger crowds today remind me more and more of what it was like to go to Candlestick wearing blue back in the 80's and 90's. I can't believe we are at Frisco levels pre-AT&T Park days.