Opinion of Kingman's Performance

Friday, January 27, 2012

Macciello Continues Forward

The underdog continues on

Based on this tweet, it looks to me that Joshua Macciello’s bid made it to the second round.  The underdog is still in this race:
love That Pearl Jam song "I'm still alive"

In addition to Macciello, others continuing on in the process are the Joe Torre/Rick Caruso Group, the Steve Cohen Group, the Magic Johnson/Guggenheim Partners Group, the O'Malley Group, the Disney/Stanley Gold Group (that apparently has not teamed with O'Malley afterall), Stan Kroenke (owner of the Rams), Leo Hindrey, Mark Utay.

Those not making the cut: Dennis Gilbert's Group and Mark Cuban.

Unknown: Garvey/Hershiser

This is certainly getting interesting.


  1. The bidding process feels like a playoff race. I am still rooting for the Magic Johnson group. Who are you pulling for?

  2. It is easier to say who I'm not rooting for. I want Torre gone. The Cohen group scares me, another carpetbagger we don't need.

    I like Magic, Macciello, the O'Malleys (if they are well financed and Peter turns the team over to his nephew-Tom Seidler).