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Monday, February 7, 2011

Stadium Capacity/Dodger Thoughts Great Interview/Freezing and the AARP

The seating fiasco at Superbowl.  Could it happen at Dodger Stadium?
Super Bowl Seats at New Cowboys Stadium deemed unsafe by Fire Marshall

It looks like Jerry Jones  and the NFL in their enthusiasm of breaking the Super Bowl attendance record with their new modern facility, outsold the Superbowl seating capacity by over 1,000 tickets.  
So I have wondered, what is Dodger Stadium capacity really?  For years we always had heard that the ballpark seats 56,000.  But is it really?  With the renovations on the Field level, the replacement of all the seats a few years ago and the batters eye section in the Left Field Pavilion that removed a large section of seats, how many seats are there really at Dodger Stadium.  And standing room only, what is that and how is that monitored?
The 2009 home opener squeezed in 57,099 fans.  So according to the books, that leaves over 1,000 people walking around without a seat.  I really don’t see wide concourses at the Stadium to cram people in to watch from beyond the seats.
Did the McCourt ownership cram in more seats with the renovations and seat replacements?  I’d be interested to know.
Jon Weisman’s interview with Ned Colletti is the best read we’ve had this entire off-season:
It was interesting to read that Colletti:
  • believes that Kemp had turned the corner by late August and began to rebound from his bad year following a conversation that they had.
  • admits that the Carlos Santana deal was a real bad one.
  • thinks L.A. has a lot of distrctions and a ballplayer playing in this city needs to focus extra hard.
  • believes that some players won’t do well in this environment and that moving them is the best thing for them and the organization, (hint: McDonald, Lambo)
  • says Broxton was adamant that he was not hurt last year and that Colletti made him take a physical and he passed it with a clean bill of health a week before the season ended.
  • believes in Trayvon Robinson and spoke to him about succeeding, since Manny would soon be gone.
  • actually admitted that Uribe “isn’t Moneyballish.”  Which shocked me.  He actually pays attention to On base percentage and sabermetrics.
  • knew the starting pitching was deficient last year, and vowed not to repeat that this year with his off-season signings.
  • has great expectations on what Davey Lopes will bring to the club and the influence he’ll have on the team.
Read it twice, heck even three times.  There are so many issues that I didn’t catch the first time through the interview.

I spent the afternoon getting my car fixed.  When I showed up at the repair shop, I was told the job would be finished in an hour.  It was 70 degrees, sunny and I decided to wait it out.  Four hours later, in the dark, cold, with temperatures in the 40’s, I thought I was going to die.  I only had on my jeans and a t-shirt.  They had sweat shirts for sale, but not way was I going to buy one.  I gutted it out.

You can see why...
Lastly, under the heading “This is seriously messed up.”  I’m not even 50 years old yet and I received this in the mail last week.
And my wife is 4 months older than me and she didn’t receive anything.  Life isn’t fair sometimes.

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