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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Know Thy Enemy

Up here in the Bay Area there has been a bit of commotion over Giant closer and recent media darling, Brian Wilson, leaving their Scottsdale Spring Training site on Friday, after it was reported that they shut him down because of back problems.  He immediately jetted off to meet with actor Charlie Sheen at his L.A. home.  Sheen hosted a number of people at his home for a private screening of his 1989 movie, “Major League.”
“When Rick Vaughn picks up the bullpen phone, you answer,” said Wilson. 
It is reported that Wilson had the permission of Giant manager Bruce Bochy to be picked up in Sheen’s private jet and travel to Los Angeles for the screening.  The reactions of Giant fans on the Giant flagship station KNBR were mixed.
Sheen, recently has been in hot water over drug abuse and is currently suspended from taping the CBS comedy, "Two and a Half Men," because of another stint in rehab and a well publicized drug induced hospitalization.   He was hospitalized as recently as this past January 27th.   Wilson called the meeting with Sheen, anything but a party.

In a San Francisco Chronicle article by Henry Shulman on Tuesday, Wilson is quoted as saying, “I’m not Dr. Phil, I don’t care about someone’s past.  I don’t judge a person by what they’ve done or what they’re going to do...”  He added that he was being consulted because there is talk of another Major League movie coming out and Sheen wanted some perspective on how he thinks and how he prepares himself as a closer.
Reports today state that Wilson is throwing again and he says his back isn’t an issue.  According to Wilson, he is ready to face live hitters.  I guess so, if he can jump on a plane, go to the Wild Thing’s house and then return and throw a bullpen session.  Bring it on Brian.
One thing that many Dodger fans may be unaware of is that the Giants will have cameras in the clubhouse for a good portion of the beginning of this season.  Yes, the Giants will be filming a reality show for Showtime. So the question remains if  the distractions from wall to wall cameras everywhere will effect the defending champions on the field.  

San Francisco Giants in Showtime Reality Show to air at the Start of the 2011 Season
Is it possible that this new-found attention and celebrity will make the Giant lose their focus?  I wonder how it won't affect them.  They’ll have cameramen following them around in a crowded clubhouse and michrophones and booms everywhere they can fit.  That has got to be an irritant to some players and make them uncomfortable.
San Francisco Giants Team President, Larry Baer
Giants Team President Larry Baer has talked a bit about the Showtime venture saying that a "Trust" factor between producers of the show and the Giants has been agreed upon and that they won't cross the line and capture intimate and private moments.  I'm not sure how they'll know where the line is, but the experience I've seen from watching reality shows is that it is in those intimate, difficult moments that the crews really focus their attention because, let's face it, those are the most interesting moments to film.  

If for example, Wilson blows a save and he decides to redecorate the clubhouse in an angry tirade, you know the camera crews will want to film that.  We'll see how that goes.

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