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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Farewell to a Great Dodger

On this sad day in Dodger history so many condolences have been offered.  The words from so many great people that knew the Duke have been said and I can’t possibly come close to equaling their eloquence.  Suffice it to say, Duke Snider was a great Dodger.  Duke was a great man.
Duke Snider is a year older than my father and attended a High School within five miles of his.  I never asked Dad if he had high school memories of the Duke, and I can’t ask him now because sadly, his mental state has been incapacitated due to a stroke.  But Duke is from my dad’s Los Angeles generation, and his death hits me because I know my father’s isn’t too far off either.  
As other blogs and web sites post highlights and footage from Duke Snider’s playing career.  I post something a little different.  A few clips from Duke’s appearance on “What’s My Line.”  One from 1954 with Sal Maglie and another alone in 1958 following the Dodgers departure to Los Angeles.

Wow, Duke had a great smile didn't he?

1952, Duke Snider in Ebbets Field

Rest in peace Duke.  Say hello to Pee Wee, Jackie, Roy, Carl, Gil, Clem, Junior, Johnny Pods, Preacher, Joe B. and Sandy A.  The Boys of Summer are putting together quite a squad up in heaven.  
Johnny Podres, Duke Snider, Carl Erskine and Don Zimmer

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