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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Junior Circuit, Often Ignored by this Blogger

I consider myself a fairly knowledgeable baseball fan, but I have to admit, I just don’t follow the American League as much as I should.  Case in point, the Dodgers signed lefty specialist Ron Mahay today, and I had no idea who he was.  As a follower of the game every year, from Spring Training to the last pitch of the World Series, I should know.  After all, the man has been pitching in the big leagues now for 14 years.  He’s 40 years old, and looking at his stats, he’s performed very well.  Most of which has been with various AL teams.
I wonder how many of us Dodger fans are guilty of not paying any attention to the other league.  I dare say that quite a few of us are.  The first thing we say, (and I’m guilty of it), is that they don’t play “real” baseball over there because of the Designated Hitter.  I loathed the DH for years, but now as a 50 year old all-hit, no-field player in my local slow-pitch softball league, I have finally come to accept the DH role.  
Then we say that there is a lack of strategy in the other league.  Yes, there’s a lot of truth to that with no double switching, less pinch hitting, less moving the runners over, and more playing for the big inning and the 3-run homer.  Speed is not as much of a  facet of the American League game like it is in the National.  You also have less bunting, less intentional walks, less pitching changes, and fewer players with mutli-tool talents in my opinion.  So are those legitimate reasons to not pay attention to the other league?  It’s still baseball over there.  Even if it is the Junior Circuit.

Yeah those are legitimate reasons.  The game is too predictable over there.  I prefer the National League game which is more strategic.  I’ll argue that until I’m blue in the face.  To NL game is more interesting to me.  Plus the New York Yankees aren’t in our league.

Back to the Mahay signing.  This can't be good news or Scott Elbert.  I understand Mahay has solid numbers, but the man is 40 years old.  Moves like this drive me crazy.  Opting for a veteran clearly close to the end of his career and casting aside young prospects,  (The Lambo/McDonald for Dotel deal comes to mind).  It just seems like such a waste.  I guess Jesse Orosco wan't available.  At least Mahay isn't an ex-Giant.

So I’m heading to L.A. tomorrow morning on a family matter, and we’ll be driving the 389 miles, leaving at 5 am.  So I notice that the Dodgers 70’s infield is appearing at an autograph signing venue in the City of Industry.  I’m tempted, very tempted, to go out there, but there is so much to do with so little time, so it don’t think it’ll be possible.  I’ll watch the other blogs, most likely “Vin Scully is my Homeboy” for a report of the event.  It will be a two day trip for us and then back to the Bay Area.  I hope I can at least stop by the gift shop at the top of the park.


  1. In the early 1990s I went to a sports card show which was scheduled to feature all four members of the infield. I had a numbered lithograph by Christopher Paluso I intended to have them sign but when I got there, I found out Lopes had to cancel. I figured I'd get Davey to sign it later but it's been nearly 20 years and just has the other three signatures.

  2. I just need Bill Russell's autograph. I have the other three. I'm thinking about going too.

  3. @Fite Club: I have autographs from all but Lopes too. Though not on one single article. That litho must be fantastic. Good luck on adding Lopes to the lithograph.
    @Joshua: I got Russell's signature when he managed the team. I hope you can get it. I understand that he and Lasorda still don't speak to each other.