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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Non-Puig Post

I’m not going to mention his name.  In fact, I won’t even address the topic (with the exception of this paragraph) because I simply don’t know exactly what happened at Dodger Stadium today between the Dodger manager and his right fielder.  I could speculate, like many others will do, but who knows the reasons for the benching and exactly what happened in the clubhouse behind closed doors.  The growing pains of this potential superstar continue to develop and one day, I believe we’ll all be informed about what happened.  What we do know is that he’ll be in the lineup again on Friday and that the Dodgers won. 
(photo by Robert Gauthier/L.A. Times)
For now, it’s accurate to say that the Dodgers have a four-some of starters that are as formidable as any in the major leagues.  Ricky Nolasco has been more than anything ever imagined as a Dodger.  6-1 overall and 5-0 in August with a 1.64 ERA.  If it wasn’t for Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw, he’d be a candidate for pitcher of the month honors.

This afternoon it was announced that the Dodgers have signed Edinson Volquez, recently released by the Padres.  I’ll give this to Ned Colletti, he’s attempting to fill the weak spots on the roster and one that has recently been identified is the number 5 starter spot.

Volquez is sporting an ERA over 6 and in a pitchers park like Petco, and that ain’t good,  but if Rick Honeycutt is able to spot a flaw in his delivery or assist him in turning things around, (as they did with Marmol), how can this hurt?  It wasn’t a few years ago that Volquez was seen as a potential number one starter with a bright future ahead.  Guys like Josh Hamilton and Latos were traded for him.  

So his right arm was seen as valuable even if that was as long as five years ago.  The Padres are paying his salary.  How can this hurt?  It’s almost September and if Volquez can provide better innings in the number 5 spot than Capuano, that’ll be icing on the cake.  If he can’t, there isn’t much damage done.

The magic number is now a Clayton Kershawesque 22, possibly to reduce to 21 if San Diego can hold their 5-1 lead over Arizona that is currently in the 8th inning.  Padre outfielder Will Venable is really tearing things up for San Diego.  That's a player to watch out for in this next series as the Padres head into Dodger Stadium for three.

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