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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Magic, Miracles, Comebacks...Dodger Stadium Has it All

(Photo capture Fox Sports)
The Magic continues at Dodger Stadium, this time from the bat of Andre Ethier.  Ethier's heroics on Wednesday night may have come to the detriment of the pitching staff as the Dodgers depart on a 7 game roadie with a bullpen that is a bit spent before the trip even starts.  It’s a good thing that they have  a 24 hour respite before their road trip starts.  Overall though, they’ll take this win in exchange for a weary bullpen.  The Dodgers head off to Philadelphia after going undefeated on the homestand. 

All indications are that Brian Wilson will be joining the staff on Friday.  No announcement has been made and that probably won’t happen until just before game time in Philly, because you never know what strange things can happen before game time on the injury front.  But the bearded one will be wearing Dodger blue, and that will be a strange sight for many of us that simply wish Wilson would show up clean shaven and mohawk-less.

Interestingly we find a Dodger team that doesn’t have a weak arm in the bullpen right now.  Even Carlos Marmol is pitching well as he gave the team 2 2/3 innings of shutout ball tonight.  Save injury, someone is going to have to get sent down.  If not now, it’ll be for post season play.  The Dodgers for once we can say, have a surplus of pitching that doesn’t leave room for an additional arm to fit on the 25 man roster. 

During spring training, the 9 starters seemed to be too many.  How quickly we found that not to be true. Now in mid-August and with the addition of Brian Wilson there isn’t room for him without disappointing a worthy member of the pitching staff with a minor league assignment.  I’d just assume that the Dodgers operate in the coming days with one less position player and send Dee Gordon back down. 

How will Brian Wilson be received?  Probably very well.  The team is looking very well in the camaraderie department.   Winning tends to make that happen.  Those pre-season comments made by Giant first baseman Brandon Belt about not being able to “buy chemistry” seem to have been dead-on inaccurate.  The addition of a personality like Wilson to the bullpen will bring an interesting dynamic to the team.  His veteran presence will probably help youngsters like Paco Rodriguez and Chris Withrow.  On days Jansen needs an off day, Wilson should be able to fill in as a closer.


On last note:  the Arizona Diamondbacks have three consecutive walk off wins that were quite dramatic.  They’d be buried in the standings without them.  Still, they have to be demoralized by the Dodgers winning ways.  You'll note that the D-Back broadcast team is speaking of catching Cincinnati and thinking wild card.  It's only natural I suppose.  Even if the D-Backs played .900 ball, they'd have a tough time catching these Dodgers.

With the Dodgers now sporting a 70-50 record through 120 games.  It's time for them to aim towards the best record in the N.L. and complete home field advantage in the post season.  Right now they're within striking distance.

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