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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thank you Phoenix

This is Unreal.  The Kings going to the Stanley Cup Final, with a win in Phoenix.  The Dodgers comeback from a 5 run deficit to win in the Valley of the Sun.  What the heck is going on?    Has there ever been an equivalent hour of sports joy in Los Angeles?  Probably, but I can’t think of one at the moment.  30 and 13.  This isn’t the 71-72 Lakers, though it certainly feels like it.
Dee Gordon turns the game ending double play after taking Ivan De jesus Jr's feed. (photo by Paul Connors/AP)
It was De Jesus tonight, Treanor yesterday, Van Slyke the Day before, Herrera before that.  A new hero appears everyday.  How in the heck can any of these guys get sent down when players return from the D.L.?
Just when disaster rears its ugly head with injuries, this team simply overcomes the adversity and wins, wins and wins.  We say it can’t continue, and it does.  They’re 7-2 since Kemp went down with the injury.  Tonight after resigning myself to the reality of a potential loss, this gritty team becomes the comeback kids.  And twice at that, in a period of 2 innings.
Words don’t come easy.  If I’m a fan of any other N.L. West team, I’m getting out a fire hose to douse this sizzling hot team.  I would guess though it wouldn’t work.  The second place Giants are a season best 3 games over .500.  Three games over?  That’s it.  Are you kidding?  We’re 17 games over .500.   The last time we were three games over .500 was four games into the season.
Dodger catcher Jack Fimple, 1983
No Dodger team has started so good since the Division Winning 1983 ball club of Jack Fimple fame.  Fimple?  Yeah, a AAA catcher called up due to injury to both Scioscia and Yeager who had a few heroic moments during his short major league run.  Heroic moments by a young faceless, nameless Dodger.  We’ve seen a lot of that in 2012.
Things keep looking up because we have our ace going tomorrow.  No, not Kershaw, Ted Lilly, (5-0, 1.79) going for his 6th win in his undefeated season this far.  Yes, Kershaw is still the ace, but Lilly isn't far behind with what he has accomplished this year so far.

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