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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Monday Night, History to be Made at Dodger Stadium, Don't Miss It

Something special will happen at Dodger Stadium on Monday.  Something of historic proportions.  An event that should be recorded and kept for posterity.  The widow of the man who broke the color barrier, Mrs. Rachel Robinson, will be accompanied to the Dodger Stadium mound by his former teammate, Cy Young Award winner/MVP and baseball pioneer, Don Newcombe and the first official African American baseball owner, sports icon Earvin “Magic” Johnson.  

Rachel Robinson in 2007, Jackie Robinson Day at Dodger Stadium (photo by Associated Press)
It should be a moment that is captured and remembered for everyone.  It should be the image plastered on the front page of every newspaper in the nation and the headline news at the top of every television news segment.
I guarantee you this.  As I’m standing here today, forced to watch the San Francisco Giants telecast in Northern California.  They will ignore the event as if it never happened.  So as disappointed as I will be knowing that I’ll miss the historic moment, and will be forced to watch their two homers in the booth talk about such players as Brett Pill and Aubrey Huff, I will have the satisfaction in my heart knowing that the changing of the guard has taken place.  That the stewardship of the organization is in good hands and that Magic Johnson and his group will be busting their behinds to make the Dodgers the best team in baseball.

With philanthropy, Magic teaming with Rachel Robinson and Jackie's family is one of the best public relations moves the Dodgers have ever made.  Jackie's legacy has L.A. roots and his organization and foundation needs to be supported whole heartedly by the Dodgers.  It is a perfect and appropriate fit.  I'll never forget Mrs. Robinson in the booth during Jackie Robinson day several years ago at Dodger Stadium and how while being interviewed about her late husband, she interrupted and cheered as the Dodgers scored a run.  "You never stop being a fan," she said.  Gotta love her.
Jackie, Jackie Jr. And Rachel Robinson (photo by Nina Leen)
As I watched replays of the Wednesday morning press conference as an enthusiastic Magic Johnson and Stan Kasten addressed the crowd.  I couldn’t help but get excited about the positivity that was practically palpable.  There was a spirit of excitement that I haven’t felt with the Dodgers in a long, long time.  Yes, I truly believe that a World Series championship is coming our way again.  Maybe not this year, but within the near future. 
This is an ownership group that will be pro-active and dedicated to improving the fan experience at Dodger Stadium.  They’ll improve Dodger Stadium.  They’ll seek out players to keep us in contention.  They’ll build the farm system and invest in the foreign markets.  Off-season free agents will be targets of the Dodgers.  Los Angeles, (the real L.A., not the fake one in Orange County) will again be the place where free agents want to come and play.  Be afraid Giant fans.  The Los Angeles Dodgers are about to become the powerhouse that they deserve to be.
So set your DVRs to record early on Monday night as the Dodgers face the San Francisco Giants.  Before the first official pitch is thrown, and amazing and historical ceremony will take place.  Let’s all stand and cheer for Rachel, Newk and Magic.  Past and Future will be present to remind us fans how special it is to be Dodger fans.

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