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Monday, June 6, 2011

Rotating Roster

Those were intriguing moves by the Dodgers today.  I don’t completely agree with them, but since they were made, there isn’t much to do except hope that they pay off.    For those that didn't read about them they were: John Ely-optioned to Albuquerque, Ivan DeJesus-optioned to Albuquerque, Juan Castro- Designated for assignment, Jay Gibbons-Designated for assignment.  The four players called up to the Dodgers were: Blake Hawksworth, Juan Uribe, Dee Gordon and Marcus Thames.  Here’s my quick take on all those players that were moved today.
Jay Gibbons, being DFA’d is a disappointment to me because it just started to look like he was beginning to get dialed in at the plate.  The eye problem is resolved.  He has been hitting some ropes lately.  I hope he latches on somewhere.
Juan Castro, it’s time to retire.  He had a fine career that lasted much longer than it should have.  I still remember that triple play  he started turning in Atlanta back in the mid-90s.  The only Dodger triple play I have ever seen.
Dee Gordon is congratulated in the dugout after scoring the only Dodger run in tonight's 3-1 loss to the Phillies
Tom Gordon looks on with a smile as his son Dee sprints around the basepaths in his major league debut.

Dee Gordon, it’ll be interesting.  I hope he gets some decent playing time and that he uses his major league call up as an opportunity to learn some things.  I think he’s got a little ways to go to be ready for the show though.  Hopefully his defense doesn’t hurt the big club in a significant way.   We all know he’s got to play.
Juan Uribe, it’s time for him  to start earning his paycheck.  Let’s see some clutch hits.  
John Ely, a thank you for the fine relief outing yesterday.  His numbers didn’t show it, but he played a significant role in yesterday’s victory.
Ivan DeJesus Jr. , time to go get some more ABs at Albuquerque and we’ll see him when Miles shows up on the DL.
Blake Hawksworth, he’s got to stay healthy.  His stuff is electric at times.
Marcus Thames, I have read about his productivity as a power hitter, especially against lefties.  It is time to produce Marcus.
Dodger 1st Round Draft pick, Chris Reed, hails from Encino, CA
Today’s pick of Stanford left handed relief pitcher Chris Reed for the Dodgers first pick (at 16) is one of those picks that I wonder about.  Logan White has the track record, so I’m not going to argue with him, especially in an area that I don’t have the expertise or knowledge as he does.  But I must say that I was disappointed that the Dodgers didn’t select C/1B C.J. Cron w'ho was taken by the Angels on the very next pick at 17.  The reason I say I’m disappointed is the Dodger farm systems weaknesses are at first base and in the catching department.
There were some top notch guys available, so I have to believe that with the current money problems with the Dodgers, there is no way they will pay over slot for their first rounder.  The Reed pick may be a safe one for them money wise, though I believe he is represented by Scott Boros.  (I read it somewhere, but can’t find confirmation).
There is talk of the Dodgers converting Reed to a starter’s role.  It’ll be interesting to see .  I’m interested in reading my blog lists to see what some of the experts say.  I have  a feeling that there a re a lot of disappointed people.  I admit that I just don’t have the time to follow prep and college players, so my opinion is what it is, an opinion.  I have to trust in Logan White.  Last year we were saying that Zach Lee was a wasted draft pick and that he was unsignable.  We were wrong.  I'll wait and see how Reed pans out.  Stanford is still playing too, so watch for the Cardinal in your NCAA baseball TV listings.

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