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Friday, June 3, 2011

Those 70's Commercials - Rose and Garvey

With 58% of the team on the disabled list and no end in sight to the misery of this season, I’m just going to change gears and go for some levity by posting a few you tube videos that relate to the Reds and Dodgers, two teams that had a wonderful rivalry in the 1970s.
Here are some infamous Aqua Velva commercials.  
First, with Pete Rose singing!  And look, it’s Mel from Mel’s Diner in the Alice TV Series, (Vic Taybeck).  I wonder how many takes it got for Pete to sing his lines in the right key.  This was in 1976, the year the Reds were about to win their second consecutive World Series championship.  It wasn’t until the following year that the Dodgers dethroned them as  N.L. Pennant winners.

There is also an Aqua Velva commercial with Rose in a Phillies uniform sliding into second base and conversing with Joe Morgan too.  But no signing in that one.
Next up is Garvey’s Aqua Velva commercial.  Steve is pretty stiff but the actor playing the catcher is even worse.  He couldn't say his line without it being obvious he was reading it.  It looks like they shot that commercial in someone's garage.  How did this poor quality stuff pass muster back then?

Here’s Pete plugging Atari video games in 1978,  (Don Knotts too).  And we used to think those things were so high tech.

There was a commercial, I believe Aqua Velva also with both Rose and Garvey from the mid 70’s.  Rose stole second base and strangely, Garvey was the secondbaseman applying the tag.  I can’t find that one anywhere.


We've got Kershaw going tomorrow.  I hope he can pitch a shutout because with the MASH unit of a team we put out there, it'll be tough to put some runs on the scoreboard against Cueto.

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