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Monday, June 27, 2011

Just Call Him Smiley

Trent Oeltjen’s smile is something else.  It's contagious.  I crack up every time this guy does something good.  He can't keep a straight face.  Here’s a guy that is loving his time in the big leagues.  And who wouldn’t after going 4 for 4 and coming close to hitting for the cycle.
Oeltjen laughs as he looks in on his teammates in the dugout following his 4th hit of the game.
Take a look at Trent after hitting his 1st Dodger homer.  He can’t contain a straight face.  The guy is loving his time in the show.  You know the guys in the dugout are ribbing him for his inability to keep from smiling.  I can only imagine the comments he's getting from his teammates.

Now this clip below is Oeltjen's triple in the 8th inning.

Here is Trent's final at bat.  He needs a double for the cycle, and he was thinking about it.  Funny clip indeed.  Smiley had a career day today, something that will live on in Dodger lore and in my memory bank for years.  Good for him.  It's nice to think about baseball and something positive for a change.

And for an encore, take a look at this relay to the plate.  Tony Gwynn to Dee Gordon to A.J. Ellis, executed to near perfection.  Dee is looking good out there.

On a day where the Dodger offense put up 15 runs, there has to be footage of a Matt Kemp tape measure shot.  Here it is from the Dodger MVP candidate.

Bankruptcy Smanktruptcy, the Dodgers out and out played their best game of the year tonight.


  1. I know the Dodgers flexed their offensive muscles tonight but my favorite highlight was the TGJ, Gordon, Ellis relay play at the plate.

  2. Martin, That double play grounder that Gordon snagged, they quickly tagged the runner in front of the bag and threw to first was sweet too.