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Monday, May 16, 2011

THINKING BLUE: Another Loss as the Dodger Punchless Offense Fails Again

A lot of good pitching is being wasted as the Dodger offense has gone AWOL.  In what appeared to be a promising homestand that started with a win, the Dodgers have now lost 3 consecutive games against sub-.500 teams.
This club has been living on borrowed time with Blake and Furcal healing from injuries.  An offensive side with Miles, Gibbons, Barajas, Uribe, and Loney in the lineup is absolutely punchless.   Ethier, Kemp and Carroll are pretty much the only threats offensively.  This Dodger offense is as weak as any from recent memory.   Perhaps 2003’s feeble offensive club with outstanding pitching is the best comparison.
Right now, Dodger comeback wins are about as probable as McCourt making  payroll in a couple of weeks.  Fortunatly, nobody in the west is dominating.  The Rockies are 4-10 in May after their torrid start.  The Giants, aren’t busting down any walls to blast through the division lead.  This Dodger team that could be buried is actually still in the hunt and a good winning streak away from being in first place.
Is it time to put hitting coach Jeff Pentland on the hot seat?
But back to the hitting.  Nobody seems to be discussing Jeff Pentland, the Dodger hitting coach.  With James Loney looking absolutely lost out there and Juan Uribe swinging from the heels on virtually every pitch, I would think that Pentland would step forward and attempt to correct things.  As I write this in the bottom of the ninth inning, I feel a sense of despair with the Dodgers knowing that Kemp was retired only to be followed by Uribe and Loney.
Juan Uribe Strikes out in the 9th inning
This club cannot win with Uribe and Loney forming a black hole in the 5 adn 6 spots in the order.  (Sure enough, Uribe struck out and Loney flied out) .  Another one run loss in a game that the pitching staff deserved ti win.  

Pentland really didn't land the Dodger job with an impressive resume.  As the former  hitting coach in Seattle during their weak performances from 2005-8 and previous to that in Kansas City  (2003-5), he really hasn't led a club to great offensive heights.  I would think that after 160 ABs, Loney's swing would be completely broken down.  He is absolutely a mess right now.  Both Barajas and Uribe just swing for the fences on every pitch.  There is no shortening up approach with those guys.  I simply see too many holes in the Dodger lineup from the #5 spot in the batting order to the #9 spot.

Here's to hoping that Kuroda can hurl a shut out tomorrow and that the Kershaw bobbleheads bring some good luck.

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