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Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Positive Spin on the Season Thus Far

Now that Ethier’s streak has ended, it seems that there isn’t much to look forward to with this Dodger team.  The more blog reading I do, the more depressing the reality of this season seems to become.  There really isn’t much to disagree with, the lineup is impotent and the bullpen has been the worst in the majors statistically.  Reinforcements aren’t available in the minors.  The owner is on the verge of insolvency and it seems like the only thing to look forward to is McCourt being forced to sell the team, something that he isn’t even hinting at doing.  Worse yet, the Dodgers have hit a slump at the worst time.  Right when they have started playing the weak part of the schedule.  If they don’t turn things around immediately, this could be a long season.
So lets see what positives there are with the Dodgers:

  • Jamey Carroll is playing above his potential again.  He is a gritty veteran that has stepped up now his second season in a row.  It’s a shame that he isn’t the type of player that can carry a team.  I will say this though, if Carroll is the team MVP again this year, we are in for a long season.

  • Ethier and Kemp.  Enough has been written on these two.  They’ve carried the team through the first 34 games.  Imagine what their record would be without them.

  • Garland, Kuroda, Billingsley and Kershaw.  All have had their moments early in the season.  The Dodger pitching staff is strong.  Lilly should come around before the season is done too.

  • They have some cool bobblehead promotions.

  • Very few fans are showing up, which gives us fans watching games on TV a new perspective of the beauty of Dodger Stadium.   It also allows those attending games the opportunity to sit pretty much where they please.  The silver lining of the poor attendance is that it attributes to the end of the McCourt era hopefully.

  • Vin Scully is still calling games.

  • If things continue as they are, we’re due to get an awesome draft pick next year.

Oops. this one didn't quite work out.
A great tweet I read today by Ned Colletti, not the real guy, but someone that goes by that name on twitter.  It reads:
“If MLB won’t approve Fox deal, McCourt has deal to receive money from Nigerian prince.  Must make a series of deposits first.”
We’re saved!

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