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Monday, May 23, 2011

It was a Perfect Day for a No-No

As I write this, it is 5:37 PM and Kershaw is pitching in the second inning and has retired the first 4 hitters he has faced.
In my mind I have written about Clayton Kershaw pitching a no-hitter many times.   If he was able to face the Dodgers, I’d say he could do it a few times each year, but unfortunately for Kid K, that isn’t the case.   I believe that the day of Clayton’s no-no will arrive soon.  Today’s game against the lowly Houston Astros seems to me like the most likely of days when he can accomplish the feat.   

Here are my reasons why:
First, Houston is about the most inept and punchless lineup in the National League.  At least we have Kemp and Ethier.  Who does Houston have that is a legitimate threat?
Second, there is the pitching near his home theory.  Houston is about as close as Kershaw will get to pitching near his Dallas suburb home.  So there is a motivation factor.
Third, we have not much else to root for this season, so it might as well be a great individual accomplishment, like a no-hitter.
Fourth,  and most importantly, home plate umpire, Bill Welke, is an umpire known to have a relatively liberal strike zone.  In fact, Welke, Eddings and Bill Miller have been reported to have the most pitcher friendly strike zones in the game.

 If Kershaw is able to stay ahead in counts, that will play a major role in him retiring the side over and over.
So if by the fifth inning, Clayton is spinning a no-no...watch out!
Guess what?...just as I wrote that sentence, the scrub of all scrubs, Bill Hall, doubled to deep right field off of Jay Gibbons glove.

Never Mind...

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