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Saturday, May 28, 2011

McCourt of Course...Needs to Just Sell and Go Away

McCourt Juggling his finances
My crude attempt at cartooning.  I think I got the Frank McCourt face down though...
(tough to read inscriptions, The bomb says "June Payroll", the Torch "Kids $600K allowance", the cleaver "Jamie's Alimony",  Knife "Attorneys Fees", Ax "Malibu Mortgages", Chain Saw "$30k monthly hotel bill", bowling pin "Holmby Hills Mortgages", Mace "Vlad's 'good vibes' bill")

The only payroll dates that I really pay attention to are the ones that affect me.  Those are a direct deposit that occurs every other Saturday afternoon and I also know that my adult son gets paid on every 5th and 20th of each month, because I charge him rent and get a check from him shortly after the 20th.  Isn't it crazy that we know exactly which dates Frank McCourt is paying his employees?  If I worked for him, then I’d care, but I don’t, so it bothers me that I care about these things.  Why should I care about these things?  
What I find mind boggling is that here we have this owner of the team, a multimillion dollar enterprise, and he's juggling his books and attemptiong to come up with funds at the last minute to simply pay his employees.  This isn't the local corner dry cleaning business or the mom and pop sandwich shop at the strip mall.  This is the Los Angeles Dodgers. An organization with incredibly inept management running the show.  And he can't even blame his situation on being bilked by some ponzi scheme.  It was simply caused by stupid overindulging, overspending, and a careless misuse of funds.  Worst part of it all is that it was all financed by us,  the fans.  The private jets, the physchic Russian "good vibe sender", the $10,000 haircuts, the mansions in Malibu and on the Playboy Mansion Street, his $30k/month hotel bill.  All of it, financed by the 3.5 million plus fans that went through the turnstiles, paid the $15 parking, bought the $45 caps and $200 jerseys.  

Yes, we were used.  We were bilked.  The ponzi scheme was on us as we watched our farm system deteriorate as McCourt bought another house in Malibu.  We watched key free agents go elsewhere because the Dodgers wouldn't pony up, all the while McCourt gave his kids a $600,000 salary for doing next to nothing. We watched key type A players like Orlando Hudson and Randy Wolf leave, without us even getting a compensation pick, because the team didn't have the resources to offer them arbitration, yet MCourt continued to pay over $200K per month for the use of a private jet.  We watched as our best minor league prospect Carlos Santana was given to Cleveland because our owner didn't want to pay Casey Blake's salary for the remainder of 2008, all the while Frank and his wife were tearing out tennis courts and building an olympic size indoor pool in their Holmby Hills estate a stones throw from the Playboy Mansion.
When I read about Jamie McCourt badmouthing her ex-husband and his management of the team, it angers me to no end.  She spent just as frivolously as he did with her Olympic size pool (so she could swim distances to satisfy her training regimen and the math was easier for her), and 4 mansions, and trips to Israel during the season with her driver, and enormous fees to political consultants that massaged her political aspirations.  Who is she to talk?
The McCourt family has no reserves in place, no backup plan.  They're upside down in their real estate as I am and I'm about as flat broke as they come.  In fact, I think I could probably argue that I'm in better financial shape, which is pretty pathetic.  Yet, he owns the Dodgers.  How can this be?
Frank is still living in a Beverly Hills hotel and shelling out $30k a month to stay there.  Where is this guys common sense?  Live in an office suite at Dodger Stadium, cut off the kiddies allowances, tighten up the expenses and for heaven's sake, reach a settlement with your ex and stop paying attorneys.

Let us talk about baseball instead of your lifestyle Frank.  We're sick of it!

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