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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random Notes and a Few Blogs to Look at

A few new blogs to take a took at, both related to the ownership fiasco:
  • http:abortmccourt.blogpot.com
Nice interesting perspective on all Frank McCourt happenings and Dodger issues in general.  A nice start and interesting read.
    A new web site mentioned at cbssports.com and yahoo’s big league stew that is dedicated to endorsing Mark Cuban as the new owner of the Dodgers.
    Dodger notes:
    So Jamie McCourt has filed a motion for Judge Scott Gordon to force Frank to sell the assets and split the proceeds, thus delaying the decision until June 22nd, long after it is projected that Frank won’t make payroll.  So it looks like Bud Selig will have to take over club operations after all.
    Vicente Padilla was sent to the disabled list, leaving the already depleted Dodger bullpen in tatters.  Broxton, Kuo and Padilla are all shelved.  It is so bad that Troncoso was recalled from Albuquerque, and he has be awful.   So awful that he has allowed 12 of the 17 batters he has faced to reach base against him. Now the bullpen with Cormier and Troncoso is definitely the worst Dodger bullpen that I can remember.

    Ramon Troncoso is back

    Andre Ethier was caught flipping the bird to some fans on Monday and now MLB is investigating.   Great Andre, things just get worse and worse for this club.   
    Maury Wills and Tommy Lasorda are reported to be the Dodger representatives at the 2011 First Year Player Draft on June 6th.  If things continue as they are, we’ll have a great pick in 2012.
    Mike Petriello of Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness tweets that the Dodgers are now playing Trayvon Robinson exclusively in left field in Albuquerque.  So perhaps we’ll see another rookie call-up to man the left field position.
    Vin Scully calls Rod Barajas with 7 HRs and a .228 batting average a “feast or famine” hitter.  Perfect depiction of the Dodger backstop who should be a reserve and not a starter with the club.
    The Giant victory last night was costly to the defending champs as they lost Aaron Rowand (back), Mark DeRosa (Wrist) and closer Brian Wilson twisted his ankle.  Only DeRosa landed on the D.L. being replaced by Emmanuel Burris today.
    Dodger fans complain about James Loney’s woes at the plate.  Few have noticed that Giant catcher Buster Posey’s double in the second inning was his first extra base hit in May and only third double for the season.
    With the Dodger bullpen in shambles, it isn’t a good time for Kershaw and Billingsley to start having sub-par starts.
    Will 2011 be the first year in many that the Dodgers will perform well in inter-league play?  It starts tomorrow against the Chisox.  I can’t remember the Dodgers ever having a winning record against AL foes in the inter-league games.

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