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Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome Back Uribe...You’ve Been Served & Words of Wisdom from Giant Executive

Dodger infielder Juan Uribe (Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Juan Uribe returns to his old stomping grounds to the public disclosure that his former landlord is filing suit against him in the amount of $145,000.  According to the San Francisco Chronicle Matier and Ross article, a fish fry gone awry caused a kitchen fire that not only destroyed the kitchen cabinets in the unit, but kicked on the sprinkler system and flooded other units in the condominium complex.  It is reported that Uribe promised to pay for repairs and then failed to meet that obligation.
San Francisco Giants President Larry Baer reported today on San Francisco KNBR radio that Uribe will be given his championship ring in private.
“It’s the same thing we’ll do with Edgar Renteria.  It’s not so much that we don’t want them to get their due.  They were fabulous Giants, and both Juan and Edger had huge  roles last year...It’s just everybody felt, Boch, Brian, and everybody felt that we could do it respectfully.  There’s gonna be a delegation of Giants that’ll go and search out Juan.  We’ll set it up and it’ll be respectful as it will be with Edgar.  And we’ll capture it (on video), so we can show it to the fans, but we just think, on the field, right before we’re out to win a game is just a little bit awkward.”

San Francisco Giants Executive, Team President, Larry Baer (Harris Barton Photos/Peter Marcus Photography)
Baer added that for tonight’s game, security will be extremely tight and when it was suggested that Giant fans reach out and shake a Dodger fans hands tonight, he had this to say to the radio show hosts:
“I think you’ll find, (and we encourage people to come early tonight),  that there will be something along those lines on the field tonight, and that’s exactly the tone we want to strike and the message we want to send today.  Look, booing is fine, as Kruk said, booing is fine and even the ‘Beat LA’ chant, that’s traditional and fine.  But please understand that this is a game and the Giant Dodger rivalry...I want to say something about that rivalry.  
“Remember when the Giants almost moved to Florida in 1993?  There was...and again, this shows off the field what the Giants and Dodgers sort of mean to each other.  There was no more active participant in saving the Giants in San Francisco, outside the Bay Area, than Peter O’Malley of the Dodgers.  Why? Because the Giants and Dodgers are rivals.  You know what?  In many ways, they are just two peas in a pod.  They moved out together in ’58, the rivalry is part of what makes baseball great and in some ways, the Giants and Dodgers need each other for the strength of the game and strength of the fan delirium that we’ve had over the years.  Think of all the great years we’ve had and the great moments we’ve had.  Whether it was Joe Morgan’s home run or the Dodgers, when they’ve had moments when they knocked us out.  It's one of the great parts of this game and we can’t allow one or two incidents to mar that.”

Amen to that Mr. Baer.  I'll be there tonight, with my grandson.  We'll be wearing neutral colors...just in case

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  1. I completely agree. Dodger fans need this rivalry. I love hating the Giants. Of course I would never take it to the level some idiots take it to.

    Be careful out there tonight Evan.

    Go Dodgers!