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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Is the Old Broxton Back? Plus Kemp's Amazing Play

It seems like it has been an eternity since we last saw it.   Jonathan Broxton retired three hitters in consecutive fashion while recording his save in last night’s 4-3 Dodger win over the Giants.  I was fairly certain that he didn’t record that feat in the second half of 2010.  Wrong.
Broxton recorded a save by retiring the side in order two times after the all star break last season.  First, was on July 27th, in a 3-1 victory against the Diamondbacks at Chase Field, (Broxton struck out 2 of the three hitters).  Next was on August 21st, an 8-5 win against the Reds, in his final save of he season.
What followed were a series of terrible outings that forced Torre to remove him from his closer’s role:
Aug. 22nd, allowed 3 hits, a walk and 2 ER against the Reds.
Aug. 27th, 1 2/3 IP, allowed 2 hits, 1 run, getting the win against the Rockies in Colorado.
Sept. 4th, Blown save against the Giants allowed 2 run homer to Uribe in the 9th
Sept. 6th, one IP, gives up a hit and run in 4-2 loss at San Diego
Sept. 9th, one IP, two walks, no earned runs allowed in 3-2 loss at Houston
Sept. 17th, Blown save against the Rockies, allowed 2 earned runs  
Sept. 19th,  2/3 IP against Colorado, 3 walk, 1 hit , before being removed and being credited with a “hold.”
Sept. 26th, he took the loss, blown save vs. the D-Backs, giving up a 2 run homer to Chris Young in AZ.
Sept. 28th, 1/3 IP against Colorado, 2 hits allowed and 1 ER, in another “hold.”  His final appearance of the year.
It’s good to see Broxton dominate for an inning.  He was squeezed by home plate umpire Cederstrom on opening day before grooving the fastball that Burrell lined into the Pavilion.  Last night, it looked like he was getting calls on the corners.  
Two for two in save opportunites.  His curveball, slider and heater are all working.  It's a great start for Big Jon


My on-going "obsession" with all things Giants reached a new level last night when unbelievably, Giant TV announcers Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper hinted that Matt Kemp's first to third advancement on the Thames groundout was a bad play on Kemp's part.

You be the judge, here is their word for word narration of the event:

(Kemp takes off on the pitch)

Kuiper: And he goes, and this is bounced to Sandoval who's got it.  Kemp is not gonna stop, Belt is gonna throw and it's going to be very late as Kemp goes from first to third on a ground ball.

(Crowd is cheering)

Krukow: If Panda would have come up and arm faked, he'd of had Kemp by 45 feet.

(They start showing a replay)

Kuiper: The problem with that though Mike is, if the guy doesn't go, you still have to throw that guy out at first.  And he probably would have, you're right.

Krukow:  Kemp never so much as slowed down going around second.  Once he saw that Sandoval was committed to the play at first base, he just kept on trucking.  So now the Dodgers get a one out runner at third scenario.

 A few comments: 1) Keep on Trucking?  Are you kidding me.  What is this, 1973?
2) There was no mention of Lopes tutoring Kemp and his obvious hustle, grit and base running savvy.  
3) That Kemp is thoroughly dominating the Giants on the base paths alone this series
4) Kemp had enough sense to know that Sandoval is a weak defender who would not pay attention to him on a play like that.

In all seriousness, when I was in Junior High School, this was the coolest of terms and a poster an every kid's wall.

Giant have 5 errors in 2 games.  Dodgers have been taking advantage of the miscues.  A very good sign thus far. 

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  1. Best thing to happen to Kemp this year... Lopes
    2nd best thing to happen to Kemp... Splitting up with Rihanna