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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Earl George Bladh, 1928-2011

I post this from my i-phone at my father's home in St. George, UT. Dad passed away early this morning at 83 years of age. He was a wonderful man that I will treasure for all my days. Attached is a link to a story I wrote on him on his birthday in March. He called and spoke to me shortly after that and it was our last conversation, lasting about 15 seconds. I am grateful that his suffering has ended and have faith that he's in a better place.

Link: http://opinionofkingmansperformance.blogspot.com/2011/03/its-my-dads-83rd-birthdayive-been-so.html

My brother Eric wrote him a touching poem a few years ago. I'd like to share it here. There are some references to mormon theology, but the loving message is conveyed.
My father never wrote a book, or sailed encharted seas,
He's never walked upon the moon, or cured some dread disease,
He's never scored the winning run in a single World Series game,
And as far as I know the President doesn't even know his name.

But I saw him help his neighbors whenever they needed a helping hand.
He's fixed their cars and taught their kids, hauled rocks and pitch and sand.
And I saw how helping others truly was its own reward,
For when you serve your fellow man, you only serve your Lord.

My father's not a millionaire, he's never traveled far.
When I graduated from school, he could not buy me a car.
He's never held the winning ticket in a single lottry,
And, try as I might, I've never seen his face on MTV.

But he sent me on a mission where my testimony grew strong.
He held home eveing every week, we even have a family song.
And now that I've grown older and have a family of my own,
I see that no success can compensate for failure in the home.

My father never saved a life or fought on foreign shores.
He's never earned a doctorate or been honored with awards.
He's never run for Senator or been sought out by the Press.
No Pope ot King or Ambassador has even asked for his address.

But I've learned something that the world has long been searching for.
It's not gained from riches, worldly succes or learned by waging war.
For I have seen him live his life while holding the Iron Rod.
And I know, that most precious truth, the way to return to God.

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