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Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Important Win Today - A Bison Bomb Decides It

My prediction at the beginning of this season was that the National League MVP will be a battle of Western Division foes: Troy Tulowitski and Matt Kemp.

Their offensive lines thus far:
          AB    R    H   RBI    2B  3B HR BB    SO  OBP  OPS   AVG   SLG.       TB  SB CSB
Tulo 55  12  20   14    3   1    7 14    5   .486  1.322   .364   .836 46   0   0
Kemp57  12  27   12    5   0    3   9    8   .545 1.265   .474   .719  41   8   2
Both are off to a fantastic start.  The edge probably going to Tulowitski due to the Rockies blazing start this season.  The season is only 16 games old, but it's refreshing to see Kemp starting off with eye popping numbers.

Fortunately for Dodger fans, LaRussa wasn't making this gesture when Kemp came to the plate in the 9th inning today

With Juan Uribe and James Loney batting .154 and .150, it was shocking to see LaRussa not put up the four fingers when Kemp came to the plate in the ninth inning representing the winning run.  With 27 hits over the first 16 games this season, I really have a hard time believeing that Kemp will continue to see pitches to hit with those two hitters following him in the batting order.  Opposing teams coming in to Dodger Stadium will soon be of the mindset that Ethier and Kemp will not be allowed to beat them.  Without a change in hitting approach by Uribe and Loney, the Dodgers will continue to struggle.

In all fairness to Uribe, he really doesn't belong in the number 5 or 6 slot.  He's a number 7 hitter at best.  It sure would be nice to see him take a few pitches now and then though.


Chad Billlingsley stepped up and shut down the hottest hitting lineup in the game today.  It was a clutch, solid performance that deserves much praise.  He certainly deserved a win today.  That is the thing about this starting staff, they are bound to always have a hot starter step up.  In the first 16 games so far, almost all have had a shining moment or two.  Kuroda, Kershaw and Billingsley have pitched some fine games so far.  I predict that Lilly will follow suit very soon.


Over at True Blue LA there is a very interesting assessment by Chad Moriyama of Hong Chih-Kuo's problems with his back affecting his release point and resulting wildness so far.  Amazing the analysis that was done.  Chad should take over as pitching coach, The video comparison analysis is spot on in identifying his problems.

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