Opinion of Kingman's Performance

Monday, January 31, 2011

Hey, Look What I Found.

In a box labeled "Spring Training  2006," were a number of items that I had signed when I was in Vero Beach.  There is a signed photo of Grady Liddle, even a Jayson Werth signed photo.  Of course, Tommy signed a card, there's a Dioner Navarro signed picture along with a Rick Monday autographed photo.  There's also this sweet Dodger Mug that I never used.  And then I found these two gems.

The ball is a spring training game used ball.  A foul ball that eventually ended up at my feet.  It has a weak signature, but an autograph from Frank McCourt nonetheless. The photo I had Mr. McCourt sign a few days later.  I wonder how these two items will be viewed years from now.  Could they be perceived the same as a Walter O'Malley signed ball and photo are in Brooklyn today?  Any predictions?


  1. Great question. I don't think the people of Brooklyn will ever get over the Dodgers leaving. I think an O'Malley signed ball is worth about a bag of peanuts in NY.

    As much as I dislike Frank, I wouldn't mind having his autograph.

  2. He was very approachable at Vero Beach. The two autographs I got on two separate occasions there. I'm not sure if he'd feel safe to do that now.