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Monday, January 3, 2011

Random Thoughts, Jan. 3rd, 2011

With the Dodgers announced signing today of Tim Redding, the annual pitching roster fodder pick-ups begin. A la Scott Erickson, Aaron Sele, Eric Milton, Jeff Weaver, Ramon Ortiz and Russ Ortiz.  I guess this move can’t hurt.  Good luck Tim, but it’ll take a miracle and a number of injuries for you to make the Dodger pitching staff.
On the OKP facebook page I posted a number of photos to illustrate why the Giants are deserving of the title, “the hated ones.”  Of course the Thomson homer, the Marichal brawl and the Morgan ’82 homer are mentioned.  But the Jack Clark photo is the one that stands out for me.  As a Giant, he kinda hurt us.  As a Cardinal, he really hurt us.  As a Dodger hitting Coach (2001-03), he absolutely killed us! 
An additional photo that I forgot to post amongst the Hated ones photos is this.  It has to do with the 1951 season.  Another reason to hate the Halloween colors.
Roberto Baly at Vin Scully is my Homeboy has an interesting article on Bellisario dominating the Venezuelan winter league.
If he rebounds to 2009 form, the Dodger bullpen could potentially dominate.  With 5 pitchers that regularly carry the club to the 7th inning, a soild Belisario along with Guerrier, Kuo, Padilla, Jansen, and 2010 1st half Broxton, could really rack up the holds and saves. 

Speaking of Jonathan Broxton.  He needs to regain confidence and by naming him his closer, Mattingly is starting that process.  A few good Spring outings and I am hopeful that he recovers.  It will be interesting to see if the problem with him was mental, physical or both.  Broxton just has too much talent to give up on.

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