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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Forbes Reporting that Dodgers Could Sell for $1 Billion

In a surprising blurb on the Forbes Magazine blog, writer Mike Ozanian reports that investors wishing to purchase the Dodgers are setting up financing to make a billion dollar purchase.  All this is in anticipation of Frank McCourt being forced to sell.

Ozanian quotes a current team owner that spoke on the condition of anonymity and he stressed that there are billionaires out there already lining up the financing for such a deal.
If such a person as Mark Cuban came forward and offered $1 billion, how in the world would MLB establishment oppose such a deal?  That move alone will increase the equity of all teams.
There is currently interesting discussion going on at the Big Blue Wrecking Crew website (www.dodgersoul.com) on the topic, located in the McDivorce McCourt thread.  

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