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Monday, April 22, 2013

The Mota Bat Has Arrived!

Back in 2010, my third blog piece ever, I wrote about a prized baseball bat that my brother had when we were teenagers.  That bat broke and for years I have longed to replace it, as it belonged to my brother and was one of his favorite possessions.   I also felt some responsibility for its demise.

 I mentioned that it broke while he was away from home after leaving on an overseas assignment and how one day I wanted to replace it for him.  Original Post LINKED HERE

The Manny Mota model D143 Louisville Slugger bat was a perfect weight and length.   This cone handled stick allowed you to hold it all the way down to the nub.  It was everyone’s favorite and frankly I’m surprised that it didn’t crack earlier than it did.

For years I have sought out the exact model.  The search came to an end today.

After attempting to buy the exact model from various eBay sellers over the years, I finally found a game used model, un-cracked Mota model D143 Louisville Slugger for a negotiated price of $165.  Though it was my brothers birthday last Friday and I had expected to receive it in time for his day, it didn’t arrive until today.  But better late than never I guess.

So it’s time to wrap it up and send it.  I’m risking that he won’t read this post and know about it before it arrives, but we’ll see.  I only wish I could see his face when he opens the arriving package in the mail.

We’re both in out 50s now, but for some reason, opening a pack of baseball cards, or being surprised with a piece of prized baseball memorabilia brings out that same excitement as if we were little kids.  Happy Birthday, Taylor.  I’m only about 35 years late with this gift.

I just want to take a few hacks with it before sending it off.  Knowing my luck, I'll probably crack it.


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