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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Find It Hard To Believe That...

* The season is three games old and the Dodgers still have all eight of their starting pitchers still in the organization.

(photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

* Matt Kemp’s power isn’t affected by the off-season surgery.

(photo by Jon SooHoo/L.A. Dodgers)

* The Dodgers decided to release Kevin Gregg and his 0.61 spring training ERA in favor of holding on to Aaron Harang, a pitcher with absolutely no role on this pitching staff.

(photo by Jon SooHoo/L.A. Dodgers)

* Mark McGwire hasn’t worked with Andre Ethier and Luis Cruz on working counts deeper and ceasing the first pitch swinging.

(photo capture Fox Sports Prime Ticket)

* The only stolen base attempt in the first three games was the ill advised caught stealing that Crawford attempted in the first inning of the first game.
(Photo courtesy of L.A. Dodgers)

* Out of the 50,000+ hoodies given away in tonight’s promotion, nobody needed a size “Large.” 

(photo by USA Today/SI)

* In five innings tonight, the Dodgers managed to score only two runs while Lincecum walked seven.

(photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

* that the Dodgers turned so many double plays (SEVEN) in three days and still came away with two losses out of three.

Oh well, it's just one series.  159 to go.

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