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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Left Side of the Infield - This Might Be a Problem

It’s real swell that the Dodgers won tonight to raise their record to 3-2 on the season but there are some real concerns with this ball club in week one.  I hate dwelling on the negative, but wow, the absence of offense from some key positions is going to haunt this team if trends continue.

Luis Cruz, 0 for the home stand.

The Dodger shortstops and third basemen in the first five games are a combined 0 for 33.  We all knew that the club would miss Hanley Ramirez’s bat.  Now it’s accurate to say that his loss could cost the Dodgers many games because it can’t be expected that Kershaw and Greinke will continue putting up a 0.00 ERA as they have over their first 22 innings.

Vin Scully keeps drilling in the point that the Dodgers are 6 for 45 with runners in scoring position so far this year.  A good chunk of those ABs have been those of the left side of the infield (Sellers, Cruz and Uribe).  You can also add Matt Kemp to that mix.

With Kemp striking out three times and grounding into a double play tonight, he is hitting .056 on the season.  The concern continues that his poor start will snowball into something big as well.  Between Kemp, Cruz, Sellers and Uribe, they are a combined 1 for 51.  I’ve seen inept offenses and slumps over the years, but that foursome takes the cake.  Is it too late to place a call to Scott Rolen's agent?

A Shoe-in for Player of the Week?

Clayton Kershaw, removed after seven innings of work tonight, has a combined stat line in two games of  2 wins, one Complete Game Shutout, 16 IP, 6 Hits allowed, 0 Earned runs, 1 walk and 16 strikeouts.  Player of the week honors will most likely be his, though Justin Upton’s .389 BA with 4 homers might give him some competition.

The bullpen was in top form for the second night in a row.  Brandon League picked up his second straight save.  Paco Rodriguez came in and got his man again and Kenley Jansen did his job as well.  The Dodger pitching will keep this club in a lot of games.  Tonight’s win was one of those victories that you usually don’t pull off due to the pressing offense.  Hopefully the bats can heat up before the arms cool off.

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