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Monday, February 25, 2013

Ryu In His Debut...Spring Training Is About Trying New Things Out

Hyun-Jin Ryu in his sessions with Sandy Koufax has been told that setting the ball deeper in his hand will result in a more effective curveball.  If made sense to him.  He’s been working on the pitch.  Here we are in spring training games now, and Ryu gave the pitch a shot.  White Sox outfielder Dewayne Wise blistered it into the right field corner for a standup triple.
(photo buy Jake Roth/USA Today Sports)

It was the one blemish in Ryu’s Dodger debut as he threw 12 pitches, struck out one and retired 3 of the 4 batters he faced.  Ryu told the L.A. Daily News J.P. Hoornstra that “he (Koufax) was teaching me how to throw a curveball but I guess it didn’t really work today.  I’ll continue practicing.”

Ryu's first pitch in a Dodger uniform (photo by Evan Bladh)

That’s what Spring Training is all about.  And it’s a good sign that Ryu is willing to experiment with it, even in game action.  With all eyes on him, the Korean left hander wasn’t shy to give it a try.  It was a sure sign that he “gets it.” 

Other things that Dodger players should be trying in game action in an effort to improve their game:

Dee Gordon - feet first slides and bunting.
Juan Uribe, Luis Cruz - patience at the plate and working the counts deep.  (Note: this is something that each player has done in the first two games of action with somne success).
Andre Ethier - improving his approach against left handed pitching and being able to take them to the opposite field.
Chris Capuano / Ted Lilly /Aaron Harang - pitching on consecutive days out of the bullpen and developing a “one inning” mentality as relief pitchers.


Today’s action at CBR begins at 1:05 pm against the Chicago Cubs.   The Spring Training grind continues on with a lot of minor leaguers continuing to show their stuff.  
My annual sojourn to CBR ends today, as I return back to the grind at home.

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