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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mark McGwire's Impact...Guest Post at ThinkBlueLA.com

I provided another guest post at Think Blue LA.com this morning.  This one on the potential impact of Mark McGwire to the ball club.  Take a look if you get a chance (LINKED HERE).  I truly believe that if Dodger hitters buy into his program, this Dodger team will be unbeatable.  I also discuss the often believed fallacy that Hall of Fame caliber hitters can't teach their craft to hitters with inferior natural talent.
McGwire addresses the ball club at Camelback Ranch,  (photo by Jon Soo Hoo, L.A. Dodgers)
I almost forgot.  Over at ThinkBlueLA.com, near the top banner, if you click on the "Forum" link, there's a great message board you should join that has some very passionate Dodger fans.   The forum participants are baseball fans from all geographical regions and walks of life.   I'll be meeting up with some of them at Camelback Ranch this coming week and I really look forward to it.

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