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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nats vs. Gnats, San Francisco Wilts in D.C. Heat, Gnat faithful ballot stuffers can’t rescue their "All Stars" from the hot weather

Pablo Sandoval out at second as Giants ground into double play (photo G. Flume/Getty Images)

As the San Francisco Giants play in deplorable heat and humidity back east, we’ve seen them wilt for two consecutive days as they lost the the Washington Nationals 9-4 today.  With the two losses, the Dodgers find themselves in a flatfooted tie with San Francisco (both are 45-37) going into tonights Independence Day action against the Reds.
Speaking of San Francisco.  Have you looked at the final All Star vote tally?  San Francisco fans bring us back to the day when the Commissioner had to intercede when Cincinnati fans flooded the ballot box back in the 50’s and voted their entire team onto the starting All Star squad.    Unfortunately, today's commissioner doesn't have the backbone to put a stop to the stupidity of Frisco's ballot stuffers.
About a month ago, Pablo Sandoval was having an awful rehab experience in the minors during his recovery from injury.  He had gained weight.  He was slow, making defensive miscues and  he wasn’t hitting.  Then he ran into trouble with the law, being arrested and interrogated in a sexual assault case that has pending legal status at the moment.  Yes, it’s possible that the guy will be imprisoned on a rape charge.  Today, he’s the starting 3rd baseman in the All Star game, having been voted into the game by the Frisco ballot stuffers over this years MVP candidate, David Wright of the Mets.  What an embarrassment.  These Giant fan voters put Chicago style politics to shame.
Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford finished second in the voting for first base and shortstop.  A ridiculous tally considering that they both aren’t even close to being in the top tier in the league at their positions.  Freddy Sanchez, their injured second baseman that hasn’t played a game all year and is probably out for the season?  He came in fourth.

Mike Krukow praised the Giant fan ballot stuffers when interviewed on KNBR morning show yesterday.

The all star vote totals are proof positive that Giant fans are the most clueless fan base in all of baseball.  So what did Mike Krukow, their announcer say yesterday when questioned about the ballot stuffing?  He thought it was great.  He spoke highly of their fans and their loyalty.  Those comments alone make Krukow the biggest homer buffoon this side of Hawk Harrelson in the broadcast business.
Take a look at this comment posted by a Giant Fan named Josh Lanter,  in response to an article on their ballot stuffing at Bleachereport.com. Linked here
I can tell you were not embarassed at all for electing out (sic) players. Just goes to show that we are dedicated fans and its the others organizations fans for not voting enough to get their players in. Especially New York since they are a bigger market than we are. We are proud and dedicated fans. Go Giants!!”
What can you say to that?  Giant fans are proud of accomplishing this.  Proud of almost voting Brandon Crawford as the starting shortstop, THE Brandon Crawford that is not starting for the AAA Fresno Grizzlies because of the Giants lack of farm depth at his position.  Crawford wouldn’t start for any other team in the National League, he’s that bad.  I know Gnat fans will point out the problems the Dodgers have in Dee Gordon, but at least Gordon has some potential.  He leads the league in stolen bases and most in the game know his ceiling is high. 

My Gnat fan rant is done.  Sorry, but their fanbase is always so quick to acknowledge how smart they are and how clueless Dodger fans are.  I'll say this though.  You don't see us voting James Loney or Dee Gordon into the top vote getters at their position.  The readers I know of from this forum vote in the best players with a bias towards some of the Dodger stars like Kemp, Ethier and Ellis.  Giant fans are simply irresponsible with their voting and David Wright was wronged big time.  They should be ashamed of themselves.

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