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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dempster Rumors...Kemp's strength to right center field

As the Dodgers embark on a ten game road trip, and another tough one at that, rumors circulate about a potential trade with the Cubs for Ryan Dempster and perhaps Bryan LeHair and Matt Garza.  Sources are reporting that the Cubs want Zach Lee on return.  Names are being bandied about but there's one thing I like about obtaining a player like Dempster.  He has made it known that the Los Angeles Dodgers are his preferred team to be traded to.

This isn't a Carlos Lee situation.  This guy wants to be a Dodger and that is half the battle.  Sheffield didn't want to be a Dodger. Neither did Brian Jordan.  Kevin Brown needed to be bribed with incentives and free private jet charters.  Ryan Dempster, wants to come to Dodger Stadium

There was a time when almost everyone wanted to be a Dodger.  Los Angeles was viewed as an ideal playing spot due to the weather, the winning tradition and what was perceived to be an environment that wasn't as pressure packed as some east coast destinations.   It also was home to many major leaguers. Failing to win a World Series for 24 years tends to make things change.  Though a high percentage of the league is from the Southland and many grew up Dodger fans, we seldom hear of free agents clamoring to play in Dodger blue.  The Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies and even Mets are often their destinations.

One last thing about Dempster that is a concern though.  He has currently pitched 33 consecutive scoreless innings.  The probability that he continues on such a run is unlikely.  Too bad he has had this amazing run in Cub blue.  Bringing a five pitch arsenal to Dodger Stadium will be quite an addition.   He would bring a lifetime 1.95 ERA at Dodger Stadium to the team.

Back Like Old TImes-April Revisited
The start of the season was a long time ago it seems but on Wednesday afternoon we had a taste of Spring return as Matt Kemp reverted to his old April self.   First, by legging out a single to prolong  the contest in the 10th inning and second,  by blasting a Jake Diekman fastball into the Right Field Pavilion for the game winner two innings later.
Piazza, great power to the opposite field
The other day while in the suite for blogger's night, a few of us were talking about Piazza and his greatness as a Dodger.   Specifically the discussion led to the shots he would hit to right center field.  Inevitably Matt Kemp was compared.  They both have tremendous strength and are similar types of hitters.   I'm not insinuating that Piazza was juicing and I have no evidence to prove that he did, but we all know the era in which he played and that not PED testing took place then.  Kemp is doing what he does, and we are certain he is clean.

Now with series' to be played in New York, St. Louis and San Francisco, Kemp will be the guy that teams will decide to not let beat them.  A lot will ride on Ethier to provide him protection.  Ten more crucial days in the schedule with a lot riding on it.


  1. I thought Dempster would be available for us tonight in NY. I expect the price just keeps going up. I wish the deal would get done so we can go on with our lives.

    I know the era in which Mike Piazza hit. There was no evidence Mike used PED's. He had a mighty swing driving the ball to right center field. I don't like it when PED's are mentioned with Mike or any other player not caught in the PED net. That makes them guilty by association with an era and more importantly, guilty by accomplishment.

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble, Bluenose, but it is estimated that 80% of those in the game during the "steroid era" used PEDs to some degree or another. And quite the contrary, I have heard Piazza's name associated with PED use, but like most who played then, it has not been substantiated. The Mets are one of the most frequently mentioned teams in the Mitchell report.

      Aren't you even a little concerned or interested about who is on that List of 104?

  2. Didn't burst my bubble. I merely said I don't like it when PED's are mentioned in an unsubstantiated ways. Alleged isn't good enough, as in court. It must be substantiated. Who made the 80% estimation?

    I had forgotten about the list of 104. No, that doesn't occupy much of my time in my waking hours. 104 sounds large, but over a few years really isn't.

  3. The 104 was from one single year's random samples, 2003 I believe. That's 104 out of 750 total MLB players. The 80% figure came from Jose Canseco - and he should know.

    I suppose you think O.J. is innocent, too.

  4. Harold/Ron, sorry for my tardiness in chiming in. I have been on a cruise ship for 3 days with no net access (unless I pay around $200 per day). Currently waiting in line to depart this ship. Didn't intend to turn this into a PED debate.

  5. Being on a cruise ship is no excuse Evan.LOL.

    You didn't turn it into a PED debate. That just happened, I guess because I defended Mike Piazza who has not had positive PED test results revealed.

    I don't need to talk to you guys about the presumption of innocence. Your knowledge and experience dwarfs mine by forty-seven country miles. I just don't like everyone being tared with the same brush, without substantiated evidence. That is, guilty by association. For instance, all police officers shouldn't be labelled as dirty because there are a few dirty cops. All teachers shouldn't be labelled as pedophiles because a few teachers prey on children. All home run hitters from that era shouldn't be labelled as PED abusers because others used PED's. Give me the evidence and I will be fine, but I won't buy into speculation and innuendo in this area of baseball.

    C'mon Evan. You knew this would happen.

    And no, Jose Canseco doesn't know 80% of players used PED's. That is his estimate making it seem better that he was a cheater. Are there more than have been exposed? I suspect there are, but I also expect Jose's 80% is out of whack by a fair bit.