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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Multiple Identities, Your 2012 Los Angeles Dodgers

This L.A. Dodgers team has a personality disorder.  It’s a schizophrenic group that has shown us about 7 or 8 different faces.   Lately we’ve been seeing the ugly side of things and I think many of us wonder if we’ll ever see the kinder and gentler side.  I don’t know how to identify this team,  There was a time I thought they were the best team in the majors.  Now I think they might be the worst.

Ehtier and Kemp, 3-4 in the lineup (photo by Harry how/Getty Images)
At one time this year, I thought the batting lineup had few holes, (granted, it was a very short time period).  Now, aside from Kemp and Ethier, it is one huge sucking black hole.  In late May I thought they were World Series bound.  Now I’m fairly certain that they’ll finish under .500.  There was one point in the season that the Dodgers were 17 games over .500.  Now, after a 6-18 run, they are a mere 5 games over the break-even mark.
Just call them the Los Angeles Sybils.  The team that you never know what face they’ll show.  Will they be a defensive joke and constantly throw souvenirs to fans down the first base line?  Or will they be the gold glovers that make outstanding web gems?  Sometimes they are one in the same on the same play (ahem...Jerry Hairston).
I can’t remember a team that I have followed that has brought so much joy and anguish all in a short 1/2 season of baseball.  I will say this though.  I simply don’t see this group being able to rebound and win the division.  They don’t have the offensive horses to do so.  I don’t believe that a trade or two will be enough to right this ship unless they are out and out blockbuster deals that favor the Dodgers.  Any type of blockbuster deal doesn’t look to be existent right now.  There are no 2008 Manny Ramirez’s out there for the taking.
Ned Colletti can start by DFAing Uribe and Kennedy.  It is simply time to cut them loose.  This ball club doesn’t have enough weapons on offense.  Take last night’s game against the Phillies for example.
With Papelbon on the mound, Mattingly had punchless James Loney who weakly grounded out and then brought in Adam Kennedy to pinch hit as he feebly hit a looper to second base.  That was the left handed hitting weapon he had on the bench.  There was no contest and he might as well have thrown out the white flag.

Stephen Fife (photo by Javier Zamora/Albuquerque Isotopes)
Tonight the Dodgers go at it again.  This time as Roy Halladay returns to the mound after a D.L. stint.  Stephen Fife makes his ML debut as he starts in place of Chad Billingsley who was placed on the disabled list today due to elbow inflammation.  Fife was one of the players acquired last year at the trade deadline, along with Tim Federowicz and Juan Rodriguez when Colletti dealt Trayvon Robinson.
The Royals designated Jonathan Sanchez for assignment today.  He’s 1-6 with a 7.76 ERA.  Royals have 10 days to orchestrate a deal with someone.  How much would you bet that this former Giant is picked up by Colletti soon?


Question:  In order to be "recalled" to a team, don't you need to have Major League experience?  So reports that the Dodgers "recalled" Stephen Fife should actually read "called."  Isn't that right?

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