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Friday, July 27, 2012

Back to Enemy Territory, Three Against the Hated Ones

Matt Cain faces the Dodgers tonight. (photo by Carlos Avila Gonzalez/San Francisco Chronicle)
There’s an arrogance to the San Francisco fan base that started once they won a World Series.  It hasn’t ended and for a Dodger fan stuck in this region, it has been about as unbearable a run that I have ever witnessed.  No matter how good the Giants were, it was always easy to counter with the empty trophy case argument.  Now you can’t even do that.  It was easy to spew off Dodger Championship teams, but even that doesn’t work considering that their dry spell is 24 years old.
I can’t say that I even have 24 year old socks, (and I keep socks for a long time), nor a shirt for that matter.  I can probably find a 24 year old tie in my closet, but that’s another story.  Twenty-four years ago I had just embarked on my career.  Now I’m a few short years away from retirement.  Twenty-four years ago the Dodger roster was made up of guys that today are in their late 50’s and early to mid-sixties.
Kirk Gibson is now a D-Back.  Scioscia and Griffin are Angels.  Rick Dempsey’s an Oriole and Mike Marshall’s a Pacific (as in San Rafael Pacific - Independent League).  Ronald Reagan was President the last time the Dodgers lifted the World Series hardware above their heads and Tommy Lasorda had not even gone through his Slim Fast episodes yet.  Nobody knew what a Marlin, D-Back, Ray, Rockie or National was. Inter-League play only happened in Spring Training and ultimately in the Fall Classic, and Bud Selig was a no-name owner of the floundering Milwaukee Brewers.
The Diamondbacks, Phillies, Braves, Giants, Marlins (twice), and Cards (twice) have since all won it.  Heck, even the Reds have a more recent championship, and that was 22 years ago.

It is in this climate that I have lived the last 16 years in San Francisco.  SIXTEEN YEARS!  In a place I never ever imagined that I would live.  Putting up with this arrogant fan base that loves to throw all of the facts mentioned above in my face.
So here I am, preparing to watch another Dodger/Giant series, only this time, I’d just prefer to watch it on TV.  Last time around, the Dodgers never even competed in Phone Company Park and Ron Cervenka over at ThinkBlueLA.com already threatened me if I dare show up there, since I’m simply bad luck.
It’s late July in San Francisco, and unseasonably hot, though weather prognosticators are saying things will cool down for tonight’s game.  The Dodgers, coming off of three shutout losses to the Giants up here their last trip have the number three on their mind.  They come in for three, they have lost three in a row.  They’re three behind and need a three game sweep to re-claim first place.  These aren’t three crucial games, but important one nonetheless.  They don’t want to leave San Francisco with another “three” to their credit, that would be third place as the D-Backs remain within striking distance.

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