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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Post All Star Game Discussion

Nice win by the National League and there were fine contributions from the Dodger participants.  Most blogs have discussed the performances of Kemp, Ethier and Kershaw at length so I see no need to go over it again, nor do I have much of anything to add.  Those three players are the core talent of the Dodgers and I hope that at least Kemp and Kershaw are locked up for years to come.
Ryan Vogelsong and Andre Ethier during pre-game warmups
All-Star games make strange bedfellows.  It definitely is strange seeing Ethier and Matt Cain yucking it up or Keshaw and Lincecum chatting to each other as they leaned over the dugout railing.  Then seeing Brian Wilson high fiving the likes of the Dodger core following the victory is absolutely a strange sight.

I have a question though.  Can players be fined for tampering?  The ZZ Top guitarist in the Giant uniform pretty much made it clear that he wants Carlos Beltran on the San Francisco roster.  Not the smartest of things to do if he really wants it to actually occur.  First because the Mets are in an advantageous posture now, being able to demand top prospects and second, because Giant G.M. Brian Sabean’s desires were exposed on a national stage, putting him at a disadvantage.  If the Gnats are serious and able to obtain Beltran, I hope the Mets steal some top prospects for him.  Dare I say, Brandon Belt, Gary Brown, Zack Wheeler, Jose Casilla.

I wonder if Heath Bell replaced the divot after his slide into the mound after he made his entrance, taking out a patch of sod.  Closers are a strange lot.  Personally  I find their act a bit tiresome with these guys thinking that they have to show the world that they may have a screw loose or two, as an intimidation factor.  
I remember back in the 70’s, when Al Hrabosky was doing his mound psyche out antics that veteran and former Dodger Ron Fairly was at the plate against him one game.  He stood there and laughed, had to step out of the batters box and compose himself after watching his ridiculous psyche out routine.  He then proceeded to rip an RBI single off of him,  (I looked it up, it was on July 3, 1978).  

My dad turned to me and said something to the effect that showboats out there are simply that, show offs.  That players need to do their talking with their actions, not their theatrics.
Battling With A Gopher
On a personal side note. I must mention that this All-Star break also happens to coincide with an ideal opportunity for me to do some major front yard demolition and remodeling.  There’s nothing like a three day respite from baseball to attempt to execute the gopher in my front yard that has be terrorizing my lawn.  Without going into the details that will bore you to death, I have been defeated.  Attempts to trap, gas out, flood, smoke out, and sever the little rascal have proved fruitless.  
Yesterday I saw it appear briefly out of one of it’s many holes to taunt me.  I must say, he’s an ugly bugger, not like the cute thing on Caddyshack.

So the decision was made to demo the whole lawn, tear up the sidewalk, rototill the entire front yard, level it out and lay down impenetrable galvinized steel mesh to keep the varmint out, before laying down new sod.   I have read more than my share of war stories from others that have faced a similar predicament and have decided to go this route.   My front lawn will look like the pristine sod laid at Dodger Stadium when I’m done.   But meanwhile, it looks like it just survived a battle of War of the Worlds.

If anyone out there has a better idea on how to rid myself of the gopher from hell, I'm all ears.

Second half, here we come.  Hopefully Ned doesn't trade off the remaining minor league core for the likes of Juan Rivera type players.

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