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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Not Many Of Us Are Happy With the Trade Today

I have been reading what many bloggers have been saying about the last minute trade deadline moves by Colletti.  I see that they are overwhelmingly against the Robinson deal.  Trayvon Robinson was coming in to his own and seemed to be a perfect fit for next season’s starting outfield.  Now, with the acquisition of a catcher and two pitchers (one starter and one reliever), the Dodgers appear to have swapped quantity for quality.  
This all looks to me like an opportunity lost.  As admitted sellers at the deadline, Colleti swapped one of his promising youth pieces for questionable prospects.  Meanwhile Kuroda, Carroll, Miles, Gwynn, Uribe, Kuo, and Lilly remain on the roster.  This is another disappointing punch to the gut that reminds me of how I felt when Lambo and McDonald were moved to Pittsburgh in exchange for Octavio Dotel.   
I hope that Federowicz, Fife and Rodriguez all outperform what the pundits say about them, but I have to be honest.  I had never heard of any of them and most bloggers that follow the minors hadn’t heard of them either.  None of the three were ranked in the top 20 prospects out of the BoSox system.

Newly acquired cather, Tim Federowicz, an above average defensive catcher projected by the baseball scouts to be a backup in the major leagues

Starter Stephen Fife will be sent to AA Chatanooga to continue his minor league career.  Scouting reports say he needs to develop his secondary stuff to become a legitimate major league prospect.

22 year old reliever Juan Rodriguez has a high ceiling  and is viewed as possible closer material.  He reports to Low A Great Lakes.

So at present, the Dodgers have Dee Gordon back playing shortstop, but Trayvon Robinson won’t be coming to L.A. for a September call up.  Colletti states that it is much easier to acquire a left fielder in the free agent market than a catcher, but Federowicz is questionable offensively.  Fife is a potential number 4 or 5 starter, but no better than a John Ely that is already in the system.  22-year old Rodriguez throws smoke and has a high ceiling, but he’s a ways away from being major league ready.
Oh well, at least we get to watch Kershaw tomorrow night in San Diego going for his 13th win.

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  1. The most aggravating part of the day was Ned Colleti's post-game interview with Michael Eave's when he said the organization lacked depth at catcher. This came from the guy that traded Carlos Santana away. Jackass.