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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The OKP T-Shirts

Opinion of Kingman’s Performance - The T-Shirts
So I went out and ordered a few shirts.  Not too many because I don’t see a great demand right now for these besides my immediate family.  I hope the blog picks up in popularity and I can sell these, but I’d be surprised if there’s much interest in them. However, if you are interested in an OKP T-shirt, let me know.  I’ll actually charge below the cost of what I paid for them, which for a small quantity I ordered was roughly $22/shirt.
So you can have one of these beauties for $10 per shirt.  Just email me and I’ll coordinate shipping it.
Here are the styles:
White lettering on Dodger Blue
Front of shirt
Back of shirt

and Dodger Blue lettering on White...

Here are my grandkids wearing them.
9 year old Eric, he selected the design and colors
Sofia, Eric and David
Speaking of grandchildren, David, my favorite first grader in the world.  Got angry at his mom who was trying to get him to clean his room a week or two ago.  She had restricted him from playing with the WII until he finished.  So David in all the anger he could muster told her she was “the meanest mom in the whole world.”
After a few hours of solitude in his room, not allowed to watch TV or play with toys, he penned this materpiece to his mom.  As best we can tell,It reads:

“I love you Mom and I am sorry for calling you the meanest mom in the world.  You take my apology? Look on the back. (where there was a drawing) From David, love you, take my apology.

It didn’t work, he still had to clean his room.  But hey, he got a shirt from grandpa.
Here's David sporting his Yankee duds from the T-ball league.

I have been in a season ticket plan with the San Francisco Giants since 1996 when work transferred me to the Bay Area.  During that time, the group of guys that divvy up the tickets with me has dwindled down from about 20 to eight people.
Well another co-worker that retired and moved away has dropped out of the plan, so I bought his share of the Personal Seat License (PSL).   Now I am entitled to pairs of tickets to 12 games per year.   I jumped at the opportunity to get more games because in March of each year, when we all meet and have a drawing for the tickets, the first games always to go are the Dodger games.  If I’m fortunate, on a good year, I’ll get three Dodger games.  If I draw a high number, I’m lucky to get one.  Now with an additional 6 games to choose, I draw two numbers and am able to select more frequently, meaning I’m hoping to get 4-5 Dodger games.  We’ll see.
The seats are about where that green object is, directly above the catcher's back
I hope I don’t regret expanding my investment in these games.  I just may if I don’t draw a lot of Dodger games. 12 Giant home games is probably a bit too much for my stomach to take.
My tickets are great seats on the Field Level, 13 rows from the field down the third base line.  In some cases, if the game I draw happens to be a promotional “giveaway” item night, I can resell the tickets at a profit.  But now with the second largest amount of shares in the group, I will inevitably end up with a few dud games every year, (i.e. a Monday night game against the Pirates or the Diamondbacks), and you can’t give those tickets away.
If any of the readers here make it up to the Bay Area, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email if you are looking for tickets to a game at AT&T Park.  As readers of the blog, I’ll most likely give the tickets to you, unless it’s a Dodger game, and then again, if you’re alone, I might just slip you a Dodger ticket because my Dodger fan son is often working and can’t get away, and my wife has night school.  There has been a time or two when I simply have to eat a ticket.

If interested, drop me a line at: opinionofkingmansperformance@gmail.com
I’ll let everyone know which games I draw and what tickets are available.  Most likely sometime in late March.  It would be great to take a reader or two into enemy territory for a game.  i've been doing it a while and it can be quite exhilarating.

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