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Sunday, March 6, 2011

It Was Satire Guys

My song parodies had a negative slant to them, but let’s face it,  dealing with Dodger problems from a humorous angle tends to make things more bareable.  At least for me it does.    I really hope that everything portrayed in the tunes on my previous post does not come to fruition.  I’m a Dodger fan, first and foremost.  I want them to win.
I want to see Belisario recover from his problems, report to camp, and have a great season with the Dodgers.  I’d love for the Dodger outfield defense to improve and for Kemp and Either to rebound and have decent range and gold glove caliber years.  Those two are the Dodger offense and without their production, the Dodgers are in for a long year.
I’d also be happy to see Ned Colletti pull successful move after successful move.  I really don’t want him run out of town.  I would like the Dodgers to have some continuity in the GM position.  I also don’t think every move he has made has been bad.  The fact that Ned came on board and didn’t dismantle the front office, keeping Logan White and Kim Ng, speaks volumes to his character and judge of talent.  Additionally, I have met him briefly and he’s a very nice man. 
And last of all, I want Frank McCourt to be able to spend money on the team and be out of financial difficulty.  I’ll give him credit for upgrading the Stadium and being in charge as the Dodgers have returned to post season play.  I have my issues with him, no doubt, but he owns the teams I pull for and as long as he does, I want him to succeed,
Criticism of the club comes with the territory.  Honest points of view are crucial to the integrity of this blog.  Poking fun at our frustration and misery with satirical humor, well, that has a place here.  I don’t mean to turn this blog into dodgerblues.com, but I enjoy visiting over there from time to time for a good laugh.   
To those that were offended by the critical nature of the song paradies, I simply ask you to view them in the non-serious, playful mode in which they were intended.   With the celebrity that comes with professional sports, the athletes, general anagers, coaches and owners have to understand that being poked fun of comes with the territory.
I know it’s a lot funner to pick on the Giants, but that would be kind of silly considering the current state of things with them as defending champions.  But there time will come, I can promise that.

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